Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Cover Model Angelina Andrada for Rohana Wheels at Bimmerfest 2016

Every time we meet our cover model Angelina Andrada, our heart just melts, and our camera could not stop.  What an amazing model and a wonderful friend she is!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

At the Bimmerfest, we were totally ecstatic to see our over model Angelina Andrada, at the Rohana wheels booth!

Angelina has been busy running businesses and traveling.  We were talking about the beautiful trip that she took in the big white.  It sounded really wonderful and magical!  Now we just need a ca show big enough for us to go there!

This time at the Bimmerfest, Angelina wore a cute white top and a casual denim shorts, that totally accentuate the shapely limbs that she has!  What a glorious  sight she always produce!!  And that's why she is our cover model, TWICE!!  We are honored!!

Angelina Andrada

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