Second Meeting is Even Better Than The First! Meeting Caitlin Wood at Motiv Wheels in Bimmerfest 2016 @Caitlin_baby5

The all American bombshell Caitlin Wood has impressed us again and again!  Here at the Bimmerfest 2016 / W&HM Staff

The first time we met Caitlin Wood, it's like walking into a fashion booth and met the fashion super model, with a slick Jeep, at the SEMA 2015 show.

This time at the Bimmerfest 2016 Caitlin showed up again with her ultra glamour self that calls for all photographers' attention within the full venue spectrum of the show.

Caitlin looked even better than the first time we met if that is possible.  Her beautiful silky blond hair with picture perfect smile has already melted people's heart.  Then her fashion goddess figure makes the whole presence a radiant and impeccable one! 

Needless to say we were impressed again and look forward to being impressed one more time!

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