Jasper Ibe's Tuner Evolution Philly 10th Anniversary Car Show Highlights @tunerevo

10th Anniversary celebration of Tuner Evolution Philly car show was a grand success, captured and reported by contributing photographer Jasper Ibe

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Introduction by the Editor

From the first time we covered the Tuner Evolution Philly event back in 2013, we were thoroughly impressed by the presences of uniquely modified cars and beautiful models and various party themed activities of the event.  All are in the east coast style.

Earlier this year, Tuner Evo team tested the water on the west coast in conjunction with the Ace Alloy Wheels for an open house.   It proves the fun did not just happen at the east coast, but across the continent as well.
Here we have the opportunity to have our contributing photographer Jasper Ibe to cover the 10th anniversary of Tuner Evolution Philly event, and it seems to be a grand success again!  We are super happy to see the cars and models and stage actions.  Definitely look forward to seeing them in many years more!!

Here is the direct report from our contributing Jasper Ibe:

On-site reporting from Jasper Ibe: 

"I have been attending and covering car shows since 2011.  I can only imagine the amount of time and energy required to plan, organize and execute.  To deliver a high quality product for 10 years is quite amazing, to say the least.  That is the team at Tuner Evolution has been able to do.

Their 10th Anniversary show as held at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center on July 30, 2016.  From the layout and the spacing of the vehicles to the different sound systems that kept the music and energy levels going throughout the day, it was clear that this wasn't their first rodeo...lol

There was a very entertaining breakdancing contest of which I am glad I was not a judge.  Plenty of vendors to get inspired or rep your preferred vehicle.  A highly engergetic performance by Xavier Wulf.

A myriad of models that were more than welcome to chat and take pictures with their fans.  As well there was school bag giveaway to all the kids in attendance.

Last but definitely not least the cars.  Wow...there were more than 400 of the hottest cars on the East Coast.  There was a great mix of vehicles of the 2 wheel variety as well, some were raised up, and some were slammed to the ground.
It was most definitely a day filled with enough eye candy to keep you occupied.  This was my first time attending a Tuner Evolution Show, definitely not my last.

Congratulations on an amazing 10th Anniversary show, and cheers to the next 10 years!"

Thank you Jasper Ibe!!  We will have more coverage in the following days.  Definitely stay tuned here as well as magazine's cars section.

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