Many More SEMA Models 2015 with JDM Sport Girls @JDMSport / W&HM Staff

JDM Sport Team is always the main stay of many major car shows, especially in the so-Cal region. If you do a JDM Sport search on the web site, (here we did it for you...)

you would find pages and pages of the coverage from all types of events!

We observe their growth and their transformation as well as their breakthrough, it's simply a great success story that can be pinned on many people's wall.

Here at the SEMA 2015 we have the coverage of their huge line up of models already, and here are more!  What can we say, their modeling team is a genius touch.

From the trajectory of their presence in the 2016 shows, we can see that it will be full steam ahead together with other creative teams as well!  Definitely look out for them when you go to a car show!  They will be uprising you and maybe even overwhelming you with their so-many models in front of you!  Take lots of pictures for sure!!


The Ultra Glam Spearmint Rhino / Kandyshop Bikinis Girls with JDM Sport at #Socialseasonopener @jdmsport @kandyshopxxx / W&HM Staff / Arcadia, CA

The Spearmint Rhino / Kandyshop Bikinis girls are now really famous in the car show world, especially in the so-Cal region.  They have popped up in every car shows that we attended, and we are sure that there many more that we did not go.

We are deeply impressed by the relentless drive and dedications despite the relentless tough weather conditions.  It does not matter if it's super hot under the California sun in this show, Clean Culture x The Car Lab, #socialseasonopener at Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, CA, or to the wet and windy and cold Formula Drift just a couple of weeks ago.

This level of commitment could only come from truly professional models and highly effective management.  Our hats off to all of them!

The great relation between Spearmint Rhino / Kandyshop Bikinis with JDM Sport has helped to make this all come to fruition.  We can definitely say that this is a very beautiful relationship that we love to see many years to come!

Feature Model Amber Rayn Looking Hot and Tall at #SocialSeasonOpener / W&HM Staff

Amber Rayn at the Stance Wheels booth stood hot and tall under the intense sun, at the Clean Culture x The Car Lab's #Socialseasonopener car show / meet.

The open air parking lot of Santa Anita park was a big oven and Amber prevailed through the show.  She always looks refreshing and sweet, and ready for photo ops at any time!

We sure will see her a lot in future car shows!  Definitely stay tuned!

A Plus Presences of Ashley Twomey and Ashley Wilke at Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 @Ashley2me @Ashwilke / W&HM Staff / Long Beach, CA

Our cover model Ashley Twomey and feature model Ashley Wilke, were the prime stars at the Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach Lifestyle Expo, on our book!

The Grand Prix Lifestyle Expo is not the same as the other car shows that you usually witness throughout our coverage.

It's a highly full family event, accommodating to multi-generations so all the promotional activities are well within the fun and happy and more child friendly.

This is totally awesome, as it provides a safe and exciting environment for kids to start their racing learning stage and adults reaffirm their love for formula one motorsports.

At the hosting company Toyota's prime showcase space, Ashley Twomey in her bright red shirt with black sleek pants getting attendees know more about the various offerings from Toyota, as well as signing up for more future  updates.

Then at the Traxxas booth at inside the convention center, feature model Ashley Wilke did her very thematic uniform for the RC mobile toys / tools company, Traxxas.

In her black and bling and checkered skirt, Ashley looks very glamorous and awesome!  Ashley has been busy with her event schedule all over the country.

We for sure will see her in various channels across many motorsports events and promotions.

Through out the following few days, we will highlight the great promotional models that were at the Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 and bring you more great pictorial coverage!

For now, please click the following link to see more of these two awesome Ashley's!!

Hot And Chaotic Car Show Meet at Clean Culture x The Car Lab Social Opener 2016 / Py Pai

At the Clean Culture x The Car Lab joint car show / car meet event at the Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, it was a scene that is very different than all the other shows in the so-Cal scene.  The sun striking heat seemed to have impaled some kind of trance into people who ran the show as well as the crowds inside the show.  What we have witnessed is a semi-organized gathering with so many not-sure-if-sanctioned activities going around.  It's indeed, a different show.

To start off, simply the entrance was pretty chaotic, according to several people and vendors that we interviewed.  There were no assigned space and based on the first come first served spots allocation.  This put vendors into all across the big parking lot, making them more like other car club tents at the show.
The ticket price varies depending on when you come in, where you came in, as well as who's in charge.  We got dropped off at the gate, and were asked for $15 entrance fee and were given a flyer as proof.  Fair enough.  

Then right by us, there was a group of people who also joined in at the entrance.  When asked, they said that they already paid but no flyer in hand, and simply passed the check.  

Then at the mid-show, we were walking out the event, the checker just let people in without even asking for entrance fees or a flyer.  That did infuriate us, as you can see why... That's a fail we can solidly say...

We walked through the car show venue, which is Santa Anita Park's Gate 5 parking lot.  It has a good size of space that can host a lot of cars.  The lot has been constantly filling and we see cars come in and out among crowds.  It's a pretty active traffic scene that is not usual in other shows.

We asked how people thought about the show, and almost unanimously, they said that it is smaller than they expected.  We thought they are pretty decent in the turn out.  Guess they have seen bigger showing in other events from the same organizations.

 Luckily we still managed to find several our great vendor friends as well as our cover model Arley Elizabeth, and feature models Amber Rayn and Bee.  That's a great relief after a long walking around in the show.

Also the JDM Sport team brought out many models as usual.  They also teamed up with Kandy Shop Bikinis / Spearmint Rhino girls to have the more than 60% of the model presence all under one tent, literally.  That's staggering and great support to the show!

While we kept walking to explore more awesome cars at the show, you can hear some revving and then skidding, and all kinds of noises at the venue.  It turned out that people were doing impromptu burnouts.

Whenever there was a car that was firing up their engine, huge crowd would rush to the spot and witness the great action there.  From what we saw, it's does not seem to be a controlled environment for the car lovers to show off their rides' powers.

 The smoke coming out of the burnout was so thick that it rivaled a professional drift car in competition.  The amount of rubber that it generated on the ground could be collected to be a heap...

This is definitely one of the things that we did not see in other shows.  We are not sure what the protocols or local ordinances dictating the actions here.  However, we do hope that there were more cautions and security of these activities, just for the safety of the bystanders.

On the other hand, we do say that the fans got an earful, a lungful, and an eyeful of excitements from the showing-offs.
Overall, this is a good show despite some operational issues and concerns.  We believe this is the first time that they attended the southern California region for the show.  It's a good turn out and we do see a good future maybe next year.

And we want to thank all the promotional talents who showed up at the 90+ degrees weather and endured the relentless sun and heat.

We look forward to hopefully seeing Clean Culture x The Car Lab doing again next year at the same spot!

Now click the link below to see more photos of the models and cars!

Big Highlight of Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 Lifestyle Expo, Where the Family Fun Is! / W&HM Staff

It's a perfect day at the 2016 Toyota Grand Prix, Long Beach, especially for the Lifestyle Expo inside the Long Beach Convention Center and around.

We were very happy to see many Grand Prix models, including our cover model Ashley Twomey (left), as well as feature model Ashley Wilke, plus the Miss Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 Winner, 1st Runner-up, and 2nd Runner-up, and of course, many vendor promotional models.

Inside the Grand Prix Lifestyle Expo, there were also many vendors, displaying their wares, from the gigantic manufacturers like Toyota (of course!), and Chevrolet, Honda, Mazda, and tire companies like Pirelli, Continental, Firestone, and more.

There were also well known companies like the fine toy maker TAMIYA, Hot Wheels, Traxxas, to the everything goes, like jewelry, massage chairs, casino, and many other very much lifestyle offerings.

Well these are just inside the huge Long Beach Convention Center exhibit space, and then there are outside sunny areas, that have much more presence with souvenirs, merchandise, drinks, lots of beers, as well as carnival style food vendors.  The big row of fair foods were in full display and are one of the top highlights of the attendees' mind!
Back in the Lifestyle Expo, there were many people at the venue.  It was like a very family friendly setting.  You could see dads showing their kids either 5 years old or 15 years old, all enjoyed the moments of admiring the race car, and how they look and how they were built.  You could also hear children crying just wanting to stay a bit longer, or playing with the toy race cars a bit more.  

Also couples young and old and seniors found a good time at the Expo, exploring the different sides of the event.  It's a great opportunity to show the female companions how a racing car world could be both glamour and intense.  Overall, this is a great event for both 5  years old to 95 years old.  Toyota Grand Prix organization has made an excellent example of a full family participating event with fun and excitements!
Now click the blow link to see the full highlight of total 35 photos from the Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 Lifestyle Expo!!
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