BIG Summary Highlight of Autocon Los Angeles 2016 #acla2016 / Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai

This year's Autocon LA show has come to one of the biggest venues in the west coast, Los Angeles Convention Center.  It signifies an important achievement as well as cemented a status establishment, as one of the top premier car show event in southern California.

With the big convention center exhibit space at LACC, came the plenty of space that many cars and vendors can enjoy.  The show attendees can roam around easily and have superfluous room to take pictures or even form a long line (sometimes a swamp) for model autographs and show swags.

The show is a non-traditional 9 hours event, which gave plenty of time for the early afternoon risers or the late night chillers to soak in the atmosphere of cars and models.

As a great tradition, Autocon always have some of the most exotic and elaborate cars at the show.  Either it's the exterior wrap/paint jobs, or the interior casa modifications, to the muscle upgrading as well as fluid and electrical lines pimping, they were all impressive and admired.

And talking about the models, Autocon has brought out some of the top guns as their official models, including Tianna Gregory, Janey B, Sydney Maler, Runa Lucienne, and Nicole Leigh.  Merely a chance to meet these amazing models personally for a selfie, is worth all the efforts and time and money of this trip to the Autocon show.
On the vendor side of promotional activities, we have many our cover models at the show!  Annelise Marie and Ashley Twomey at the Concetp One and Klutch Wheels were simply the darlings of the show. Franchesca DC was the center of the attention where Bloque Diamond wheels was at.  Stance Wheels had our gorgeous Jessica Weaver busy with photographers and videographers, and cell-phone-ographers, or simply naked-eye-ographers.  Also our feature models Iona for the Al & Ed's Autosound, took the top honor of the most beautifully leggy model of the show.  They all were the cream of the crop in Autocon!
There was a center stage at the back of the convention center, which featured some of the sickest rides from the show.  Autocon is totally suitable for the import car lovers, as the stage showcased the cars in all glorious views, plus the interview of the car owners and builders.  They told great stories about how to worked on their cars, or sometimes how they build their own personal empire!

Overall, we love this year's Autocon LA!  It's spacious, the cars were awesomely modified and upgraded.  The display is pristine and well set up.  There were our cover and feature models in the show, plus other great models too, and the atmosphere is always casual friendly.  We totally look forward to the next year's as one of our key events to bring back to you all!

Autocon Car Roll in And Awesome Show Cars on The Show Floor 

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models in Autocon LA 

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model
Franchesca DC for Bloque Diamond
Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model
Jessica Weaver for Stance Wheels
Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model
Ashley Twomey for Concept One Wheels
Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model
Annelise Marie for Concept One Wheels

Autocon Official Models

Autocon Official Models Sydney Maler
Autocon Official Models Janey B
Autocon Official Model Tianna Gregory
Autocon Official Model Runa Lucienne
Autocon Official Model Nicole Leigh

Vendor Models

 Al & Ed's Autosound

Model Elizabeth Michelle
Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model Iona
Spektrum Model Cristal Aguirre
 More Model!

Spearmint Rhino / Kandyshop Bikinis Models Anya Benton and Mila Silva

 JDM Sport

JDM Sport Model Asia
JDM Sport Model Bella
JDM Sport Model Nikki Alice
JDM Sport Model 
JDM Sport Model Jasmyn Skye

Safe Side

R1 Concepts

R1 Concepts Model Zara Park
Jamie Lynn with Her Car

 SET Group USA

SET Group USA Model Brittany Brickner 

 Toyo Tires

Toyo Tire Model Tawnie Jaclyn

 DTM Autobody

DTM Autobody Model Kay Bae
DTM Autobody Model

 Vertini Wheels

Vertini Wheels Models - Courtney Simmons and Ashley Orantes
Stance Wheels Model Amber Marie


Autodip Model

 Even Attendees to Autocon Are Like Models

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