Big Highlight of Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 Lifestyle Expo, Where the Family Fun Is! / W&HM Staff

It's a perfect day at the 2016 Toyota Grand Prix, Long Beach, especially for the Lifestyle Expo inside the Long Beach Convention Center and around.

We were very happy to see many Grand Prix models, including our cover model Ashley Twomey (left), as well as feature model Ashley Wilke, plus the Miss Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 Winner, 1st Runner-up, and 2nd Runner-up, and of course, many vendor promotional models.

Inside the Grand Prix Lifestyle Expo, there were also many vendors, displaying their wares, from the gigantic manufacturers like Toyota (of course!), and Chevrolet, Honda, Mazda, and tire companies like Pirelli, Continental, Firestone, and more.

There were also well known companies like the fine toy maker TAMIYA, Hot Wheels, Traxxas, to the everything goes, like jewelry, massage chairs, casino, and many other very much lifestyle offerings.

Well these are just inside the huge Long Beach Convention Center exhibit space, and then there are outside sunny areas, that have much more presence with souvenirs, merchandise, drinks, lots of beers, as well as carnival style food vendors.  The big row of fair foods were in full display and are one of the top highlights of the attendees' mind!
Back in the Lifestyle Expo, there were many people at the venue.  It was like a very family friendly setting.  You could see dads showing their kids either 5 years old or 15 years old, all enjoyed the moments of admiring the race car, and how they look and how they were built.  You could also hear children crying just wanting to stay a bit longer, or playing with the toy race cars a bit more.  

Also couples young and old and seniors found a good time at the Expo, exploring the different sides of the event.  It's a great opportunity to show the female companions how a racing car world could be both glamour and intense.  Overall, this is a great event for both 5  years old to 95 years old.  Toyota Grand Prix organization has made an excellent example of a full family participating event with fun and excitements!
Now click the blow link to see the full highlight of total 35 photos from the Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 Lifestyle Expo!!

Pirelli Brooke Boerman

 Toyo Tires - Tawnie Jaclyn

 Continental Tire Put Their Models at Work!

MOMO Racing Girls 

 Lucas Oil Team

 When Bubba Gump Crawfish Meets Hustler Casino

 Mazda Raceway Girls 

 Jessy Harris

 Danielle Leach

 Firestone Tires Girls

 Del Amo Motorsports 

 Toytoa!! And Toyota Racing!!!

 Pirelli's Toro Cannot Be Contained!

 Toyo's Wide  Wide and Wide Body Off Roader

 Continental Running Fast!

 Drag Racing Attention Catcher!

 MOMO Racing

 TAMIYA Toys, The Next Best Dream Thing You Can Have!

 Famous Cars

 Concert and Performances

 FOOOOOOODS!!!!  Carnival Style!!

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