A Plus Presences of Ashley Twomey and Ashley Wilke at Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 @Ashley2me @Ashwilke

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff / Long Beach, CA

Our cover model Ashley Twomey and feature model Ashley Wilke, were the prime stars at the Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach Lifestyle Expo, on our book!

The Grand Prix Lifestyle Expo is not the same as the other car shows that you usually witness throughout our coverage.

It's a highly full family event, accommodating to multi-generations so all the promotional activities are well within the fun and happy and more child friendly.

This is totally awesome, as it provides a safe and exciting environment for kids to start their racing learning stage and adults reaffirm their love for formula one motorsports.

At the hosting company Toyota's prime showcase space, Ashley Twomey in her bright red shirt with black sleek pants getting attendees know more about the various offerings from Toyota, as well as signing up for more future  updates.

Then at the Traxxas booth at inside the convention center, feature model Ashley Wilke did her very thematic uniform for the RC mobile toys / tools company, Traxxas.

In her black and bling and checkered skirt, Ashley looks very glamorous and awesome!  Ashley has been busy with her event schedule all over the country.

We for sure will see her in various channels across many motorsports events and promotions.

Through out the following few days, we will highlight the great promotional models that were at the Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 and bring you more great pictorial coverage!

For now, please click the following link to see more of these two awesome Ashley's!!

 Ashley Twomey for Toyota

Ashley Wilke for Traxxas

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