Stunning Duo Blonde Anya Benton and Brunette Thamilla Silva for Spearmint Rhino at Autocon 2016 Show @Abenton1

Spearmint Rhino Girls blonde Anya Benton and brunette Thamilla Silva in tight black uniform at 2016 Autocon LA car show

The highly popular duo models from Spearmint Rhino were chic and dazzling at the Autocon LA 2016 car show / W&HM Staff

The highly glamorous models, Anya Benton and Thamilla Silva, were totally dazzling all around the Autocon LA 2016 car show.

The dynamic duo from Spearmint Rhino and Kandyshop Bikinis were the ones of the most eye catching models at the show.

Not only car owners love to have them by their cars, the attendees would come and do selfies with them, plus the security event joined in and had a photo op.

Both Anya and Thamilla have been hardworking all around many car shows and car meets.  In this short 3 months since we first me them, they have been virtually all the car shows that we've been covering.  Now that says a lot of their dedication!

Anya Benton (Blonde) and Mila Silva (Brunette) for Spearmint Rhino and Kandyshop Bikinis 

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