Many More SEMA Models 2015 with JDM Sport Girls @JDMSport / W&HM Staff

JDM Sport Team is always the main stay of many major car shows, especially in the so-Cal region. If you do a JDM Sport search on the web site, (here we did it for you...)

you would find pages and pages of the coverage from all types of events!

We observe their growth and their transformation as well as their breakthrough, it's simply a great success story that can be pinned on many people's wall.

Here at the SEMA 2015 we have the coverage of their huge line up of models already, and here are more!  What can we say, their modeling team is a genius touch.

From the trajectory of their presence in the 2016 shows, we can see that it will be full steam ahead together with other creative teams as well!  Definitely look out for them when you go to a car show!  They will be uprising you and maybe even overwhelming you with their so-many models in front of you!  Take lots of pictures for sure!!


Jasmyn Skye

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