Great Promotional Tips and Cool Models at the 2014 SEMA Show

 Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff - At the SEMA 2014, we roamed the gigantic show floors, checking out the newest product offerings, company news as well as some promotional activities to see what's going on.  Many times, there were very eye catching promotional models and personalities at the booth, that automatically garnered our attention and obligation to capture the moments to bring back to our readers.

Through out our extended experience on this, we came to some of the conclusions that may offer some hints to the marketing / show planners to maximize your promotional values, especially since you have spent the dollars hiring the talents and allocate attention space to the showing...

Design with Promotion In Mind

Since you will have a model at the booth, utilize the visual space as effective as possible, not just plug the model somewhere in the booth.  You can have a stand with logo and specials in the front, so that they are readily absorbed by the passer by or media folks.  Each time a picture taken, it is a flyer onto the taker's camera and most likely not to be deleted forever.

Ashlee Davis SEMA Model Looking Amazing at TMC Motorsport

 Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff - It's always great to see Ashlee Davis!! And it's even better to take beautiful pictures of her!  This Las Vegas based awesome model has many things on her plate, but she always brings her A-game to the event that she is attending.

After a quick chat with Ashlee, we learned that she is busy managing various business tracks while balancing personal life.  And she is doing great about all these work!

A the TMC Motorsport booth, the hosting company TMC Motorsport (link)  the company displayed an array of various products that they carry for their primarily European car lines.  According to their web description, they offer many parts and services, including,

  1. Largest range, 
  2. Both petrol/gasoline & diesel, 
  3. Multi-Channel Technology, 
  4. DPF Protection, 
  5. Engine Warranty, 
  6. Overboost Protection, 
  7. Self adjustment for power, 
  8. 24/7 Technical Support.

This is a perfect combination of beauty and motorsport.  And we are sure that we will see them both in the future soon!

Serenity Shay Rodriguez The Fairest Model at SEMA 2014 at CEC Wheels

 Las Vegas, NV / by W&HM Staff - One of the most surprising and stunning and actually fun promotional activities in SEMA 2014 is the CEC Wheels's flower pedal girl swing booth.  This is breaking the tradition of hiring promotional work especially in the wheels industry at shows.  And we highly applaud the innovative thinking and we are sure that the publicity generated must be immense.  This is a good win for CEC Wheels company for sure!

Inside the booth, you would find a super adorable and sweet and beautiful model, Serenity Shay Rodriguez.  Serenity is a perfect for this set up, as she has those flowery speaking eyes that can go through the glass walls and talk to you directly.  Her carefree promo-personality is a great centerpiece for the show, generating a huge attraction for the company.  Serenity is perfect in this very special set up and the results show!

CEC Wheels, a Claus Ettensberger Corporation, its headquarter is located in the posh West Hollywood area near Beverly Hills.  Their luxury styles overflowed at the SEMA show and were demonstrated on their cars and wheel displays.  Their company description on their web site says,
"CEC strives for differentiation and self expression in an automotive world inundated with cookie cutter options... "
This totally shows their approach to many things in their unique and cool ways just like the promo here.  Each shiny and eye-catching design has its own uniqueness, yet is coherent to their overall style principles. When fitted to a luxury car, they not only make a statement that "I am different", they enhance the owners' driving experience as well.

Great job everybody!  Now here let's take a look at how Serenity did  her job so wonderfully that left everyone who walked by the booth a deep impression!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 25 with Cover Model Constance Nunes

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 25 - Constance Nunes
Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 25 -
Industry top quality magazine with
stunning photo coverage and features.
 In this issue, we have Constance Nunes
SI model as our cover model, and we
also feature models of Dani Pappas,
L'Amour Niggl, and Dennii. Event
coverage include CES 2015, SEMA
2014 Cars,…

Los Angeles, CA, by Py Pai - We are very excited about this print issue. This marks an important new direction of the magazine, going more editorial, strong, and edgy!

Our newest cover model, Constance Nunes, a well known SI model, is the perfect lead for our new editorial direction!  She is a fashion, lifestyle, swimsuit, fitness, and promotional model, who also has a special interest in cars and gears.  Constance is definitely our ideal wheels and heels model!!

In this issue, we also introduce wonderful talents including Dani Pappas, L'Amour Niggl, and Dennii, together with show coverage of CES 2015, SEMA 2014, Supercross Anaheim 2015, and HIN Hawaii!

Don't miss this milestone issue.  You can order at the above red MagCloud button!!

Beautiful Cover Models Sandra Wong and Arley Elizabeth at MFest Savini Car Meet @thesandrawong @arrrrlz

Anaheim, CA / by Py Pai - MFest, the luxury BMW car community, and Savini Wheels, "The Gold Standard of The Wheel Industry" came together and hosted a hugely successful car meet at Savini's HQ location.  They attracted many luxury, high end, super slick, and ultra refined rides to the meet.  With the festival atmosphere and huge showup, this is one really good season opening car meet event!

Even though the event was not highly advertised, the rumbles in the community and social network grapevines were already buzzing way before the meet date.  According to the witnesses, the morning attendance was so high that many people had to park several blocks away just to get into the huge parking lot event location.  After you entered the parking lot, you would see a sea of people and cars and tons of fun at the meet.  It could be described as an epic event for sure!

We showed up at the later time of the meet, but right with our natrual perfect timing instinct!  We ran into Sandra Wong and Arley Elizabeth, both our hugely popular cover models under the MFest tent.  It's the first time in 2015 that we saw them, and they both look incredible!!  This is totally awesome!!

At the end of the event, everybody left with a very satisfying feeling about the opportunity to see cool cars, enjoy the nice amenities, and checkout the newest and colorful wheels displayed at the spot, and meet Sandra and Arley!  It's a great event and we look forward to the MFest in the future, maybe even the huge Las Vegas event?! :-)

Supercross Girls, Abundant and Amazing and Totally Gorgeous! Double and Group Edition

 Anaheim, CA / by W&HM Staff
We are continuing the coverage of the Suprcross Girls, but now from the singles edition to the doubles and groups edition.

The sunny southern California sun simply brought out these gorgeous promotional models' smiles at the Supercross Anaheim 1 2015 season opener.  From the DC Shoes girls to the TBOsports duos, and many more.  The happy and the cheerful atmosphere could easily get you drunk in their fun and festive moods.

Here we conclude the Anaheim 1 coverage and stay tuned for the Anaheim 3 coverage!!

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