So Many Gorgeous #MonsterEnergyModels at Supercross!! Rebecca Garcia @RebeccaGarcia_ Erica Nagashima @EricaNagashima Bradi S and More

 Anaheim, CA / by W&HM Staff 
Monster Energy Models are synonymous to top models, active models, flawless models, and fun models!  These internationally renown super talents are the highlight of the Supercross Anaheim events.  Not only Monster Energy is the official sponsor of the Supercross, and they have the biggest space and stage in the pit party expo, and they have the highest model showing at the show, the Monster Energy Models are such cream of the crop that each one of them can stand on their own as the super model in the promo world.  Just imagine combining all these super powers under one roof, how much excitements they would generate and many very memorable moments and pictures would be taken home by the show goers.

There were so many Monster Energy Models, including Rebecca Garcia, Erica Nagashima, Myra Tinajero, Mercedes Terrell, Bradi S, Natalie Paladin, Dessie Mitchson, and lots of more, that we could not enumerate all of them.  Therefore, we bring back to you the top of the tops here!!  

Definitely check out the photos and credits to these amazing talents!!

Monster Energy Models

Dessie Mitchson and  Natalie Paladin and friends

 Myra Tinajero and Rebecca Garcia

 Bradi S and friend

 Erica Nagashima

 Water Slide Slide Slide...

 Promo Gift Thowaways!

 More Awesome Monster Girls

 Duffle Bag Divas DJ

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