Izzy Poulin, Lindsey Harrod, Lena Hakim at SEMA 2014 @LindseyHarrod @Lena_Romel

Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff - We are continuing the theme of SEMA models in of SEMA show 2014.  In this article we  have our great feature model, Izzy Poulin, and many well known professionals.

One of the interesting display is Timberland's tires.  Usually we don't think about Timberland with the car industry, but it totally makes sense when they show it to us.  The tough build of their shoes is a natural family member of the grander outdoor and active lifestyle Timberland offerings.

At the ENEOS and KIA booths, we met up with a new model that we haven't met before, and models that we have many times covered in the past and they all look amazing!

One note to bring up is that in the KIA booth, there were many show cars displayed.  KIA being an underdog in the car industry is actually a master hamster in the creative and hip and fun department.  Their cars feature various paint art, accessories and lights and flashes.  Even though we don't have the photos here to demonstrate the point, it's not hard to imagine the creative work that they have done with glimpses of background cars that these amazing models leaned on... Definitely check them out!

Timberland Tires

Timberland, the name conjures a rugged and tough brand of shoes that take people to top of mountains, widest terrains, and deepest forest.  Now they applied the same philosophy to cars. At SEMA 2014, Timberland showed off their specialty in toughness and brought their lines of tires to the show.  Timberland tires have better sustainability, as claimed by their web site that after they are worn out, they can be repurposed into Timberland shoes.  Now that's a brilliant idea in a brand name level.  We certainly encourage this thinking from other tire makers!

Izzy Poulin

In line with their active lifestyle, Timberland had Izzy Poulin, our feature model, as their brand model at the SEMA 2014 show.  Izzy, you may know by now, is a very avid surfer.  We still remember that during our feature shoot with her at a beach, she was totally ready to tackle the cold Pacific ocean water, and could not wait to get to the surfing session right after.  If you go through her Instagram account,  you will leave with no doubt at all that she is a pro of pro of this skillful sport!  Definitely Izzy is a perfect model for Timberland here!

Lindsey Harrod

Also at the Timberland booth is Lindsey Harrod, a multi-title-winner awesome model.  Lindsey has strong affiliation with the car industry.  She has represented many big name brands throughout her career and we definitely have seen her in many different events.  Her sweet smiles and beautiful poses instantly convey a sense of uplifting mood.  She brought that happy atmosphere to the Timberland booth, and to the SEMA show too!


Candace Houk

This is the first time we met Candace and we were impressed by her in many ways.  Not only this is the first time she is doing the convention, if we remember it correctly, she is so down to earth that we immediately bonded at the instance.  Very talented as a fashion model and a great performer, Candace brought out her elegance style to the show and left us a deep impression for sure!

Candace is such a wonderful model that she insisted that we came back and take more photos when her model friend is back at the ENEOS booth.  We of course were happily obliged and were very happy that we did.


Lena Hakim

We've known Lena for many shows now and it's always great to see this great model again.  Lena has been busy traveling around the country, touring in different auto shows with KIA.  She always presents herself a friendly professional and being helpful to show attendees and media coverage.  No matter in what shows, the photos we captured of Lena are always awesome and she is always so accommodating.  That's what we called a friendly and highly professional model!

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