Conclusion of SEMA 2014 Promotionals Coverage, What a Fantastic Year!

The End of 2014 SEMA Model Coverage and in Looking Forward to This Year's Big Event

Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff
In recent years, SEMA has done a tremendously great job in getting the industries coming together and providing invaluable opportunities for information providers and information consumers about anything related to automobiles.

Along every year's record breaking attendance and exhibit showing, also comes along the great exposure for the companies that have special promotional personalities at their marketing showing.  We firmly believe that these amazing talents could be a great asset to the marketing arsenals for companies to employ.  Not only they leave a strong impression for one's brand, and the marketing eye-ball exposure is virtually limitless.
Of course, just like any tools and parts in the real world mechanical sense, you need to have the right tools with good quality to do the right jobs.  Not only perfect promotional models can bring in untapped market to your target customer mix, they also create a conduit for people to strike up an interesting and as well as lead-in conversation to the company's display and personnel.  Otherwise, people may just pass by without more than 3 seconds semi-attention that is quickly a blur in the ocean size exhibiting vendors.

We look forward to this year's SEMA show and want to do more in-depth coverage of the more companies and talents.  With the current trajectory of the growing size of SEMA, it will be another super successful and amazing year, we can predict!

In this conclusion article, we have many vendor promotional persons here, including Miss Painless Performance, Veronica Jense, and Cusco's Japanese model, HTNA always briendly model, very interesting tro from Mechman Filternator, including Katelyn Waters, Verde girl, Aeolus Tires models, and many more...

Miss Painless Performance, Veronica Jensen

Cusco Model

HTNA model

Mechman Filternator

Verde Girl

Aeolus Tires Models

And Many More...

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