Another Huge Article of Amazing SEMA Models 2014!!

Jenni Tran and Tiffany Vu at F1R in
bright red dress at SEMA 2014
Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff
The cream of the crop, the honored few, the top of the game, SEMA models are what the industry has to offer in the glamorous promotional world inside the Las Vegas Convention Center during the SEMA show.  Even though we  have put a lot of coverage in the past, it's still no end in sight at this writing.  They just keep coming!

In this coverage, we have the bright red dressed Ashley Vu and Jenni Tran, at the F1R Wheels booth.  Ashley Vu (the darker hair) has a really playful model-personality.  Not only she has a bright and glamour smile, she's totally at ease in front of our camera.  Super awesome!

Along the duo-modeling line, we also have Chanel Urban and Ashley Ferrer, the two ultra sexy models for the Delinte Tires in our coverage.  The awesome duo totally gave the cool tire lines a amazing appearance.

Also in the article, we have many more models, including Whitney Greene and Brittany Mason for Velocity Live, SEMA 14, Lynn Chu, and others.  There were so many models in the SEMA show that we hardly had any spare time to stop and really interview these top talents.  Well, next time we may add even more forces to the coverage so that we can have more in-depth reports.
Chanel Urban and Ashley Ferrer for
Delinte at SEMA 2014

And companies who awesomely hired these models include F1R Wheels, Delinte Tires, Sata, Velocity Live,  Nismo, American Force Wheels, Tornel Tires, Traklite Wheels, RSV Forged.  It always seems the the wheels companies know the best values of having promotional models at shows.  The concept of lifestyle, fun, and little flirtation could generate lots of attention and coverage.

A big note in a small font here.  Today here in the US is the Chinese New Year's eve.  We figured that we will bring some red color to the article to celebrate and tomorrow there will be even more red color to celebrate the new year of the ram.

We sincerely wish everyone a wonderful new year.  This year, we have been doubly busy with various projects coming down the pike.  We also plan to have much wider display of various talents while upholding our high aesthetic standard.  Definitely stay tuned for the wonderful things to come and exciting news to be announced.

Wish All a Happy Chinese New Year!!

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