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Our Coverage Model Olivia Korte for
Rockstar Energy at Supercross Anaheim 3
  Anaheim, CA / by W&HM Staff
The amazing Rockstar Energy Models at the Supercross Anaheim events, are simply the top cream of the crop!!  Starting with our cover model, Olivia Korte, and then with amazing Leanna Bartlett, as well as Jessica Harbour, Skye McDonald, Amanda Delgado, Courtney Riggs, Rachel Brann, Marissa Kimberlin, Miss Parker, and more!!  Just the names of these lineups are super impressive already. Then you look through the photos and picture yourself at the event getting these awesome models' autographed posters.  That would be a very very good day!

Definitely check out the gorgeous collection of gorgeous photos of these gorgeous Rockstar Energy Models!!

 Olivia Korte

We were so happy to see our beautiful cover model, Olivia at the Rockstar Energy Booth!  She is always so warm and wonderful to catch up with!  During the event, she was working hard and network strong.  She even organized a mini fashion runway walk for our camera.  That is so cool!

Leanna Bartlett

The gorgeous blonde bombshell, Leanna, was busy signing her Rockstar Energy posters away.  But she still managed to steal a moment for our candid portrait shots of her in this amazing Rockstar uniform.  Leanna is such a wonderful person and talented model that no matter where she is at, there is always a huge following, both in the real world and the virtual world!

Jessica Harbour

Awesome Jessica Harbour has that very essence of Victoria's Secret models, very upbeat, very sexy and very camera friendly!  We felt that we were like Russell James shooting with Candice Swanepoel at the Supercross.  We just need to find a Caribbean beach next time instead... 

 Skye McDonald

If you meet Skye in person, you would immediately mesmerized by her beautiful semi-translucent eyes and her fun personality!!  Over the several times that we met her in the brief 3 months span, she is definitely taking the field by storm and we totally expect to see her even more in the future!

 Marissa Kimberlin

The bright smiles of Marissa is totally irresistible! She easily brought the mood of festive and fun to whoever around her.  That's just what Rockstar Energy would do too!  Great job Marissa!

More Rockstar Energy Models, Miss Parker

And More! Amanda Delgado, Courtney Riggs and Rachel Brann

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