Shining Stars of SEMA Models - @LeaAnne @tylerpaigem and More

Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff -  There were so many our cover models and feature models at the 2014 SEMA Show that it feels like that we just cannot get enough of photos of them at the show!

Here we  have our cover model, Lea Anne, at the Rohana Wheels booth, as well as our feature model Ty Michelle at the Chariotz company.  And there were many talents from all over the country, from B3ar Dillinger, to Amanda Vex, as well as Tyler Paige and Lisa Simpson. These glimpses of these great talents would project a scope of wonderful promotional modeling kaleidoscope at the grand SEMA show.

One of the things that we noticed is how prevalent the color of the uniforms/dresses is... It's the basic black no matter where you go.  Most of them are in the strict black.  It creates a professional look instantly. It contrasts well with any products right next to the outfits.  It does not take away the attention from the display but enough to feature the promotional personalities.  Also, it has a magical use as a black backdrop for a brochure or promo cards.

Here our feature model Ty Michelle demonstrated this effect really well.  The simple matte finish material would be a great instant photo studio to highlight any piece of info card in front of her.  This makes a perfect picture and marketing material in just one click of the shot.

In this article, there is a slight deviation of the uniform.  Tyler Paige and Lisa Simpson from Rovos Wheels.  They had the race driver checker flag theme black uniforms.  We always welcome the thematic style of wardrobe for the models and this is definitely very nicely done!

Another thing that is worth mentioning in this article is one of the advertisement tools that Chariotz used.  They produced a brochure card with a QR code on the back. This might be one of the easiest ways to directly bring customers to your designated web site.  Even though QR code is not in high fashion yet, it's one more convenient way to remind people about your presence.  As the urban legend has it, it takes seven impressions to make a lasting one.  Adding a QR code is definitely one of the way to say that you know the contemporary tech, even though it's not quite there yet!

Lea Anne - W&HM Cover Model

 Ty Michelle for Chariotz - Our Feature Model

 B3ar Dillinger for Garrett

 Amanda Vex and Friends at Lexani Wheels

 Lisa Simpson and Tyler Paige for Rovos Wheels

Lisa Simpson

 Tyler Paige 

 Jennifer Angel Ancheta 

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