Supercross Girls, Abundant and Amazing and Totally Gorgeous! Single Edition

 Anaheim, CA / by W&HM Staff
At the Supercross Anaheim Pit Party expo, it's not all about the models of Monster Energy or Rockstar Energy. There were many more awesome and amazing models from various vendors.  We grouped them into singles and doubles or groups in two articles.

We met up Emily Sears at FMF, as well as Autumn Allenbach at DC Shoes, and many more that we could not name... Hopefully we will see them more in the future to get a chance to stop by and know them better.

FMF's Emily Sears

We did not readily recognize this super talent at the FMF booth.  However, we immediately knew that she is a big name because there were so many cameras and flashes around her constantly.  But besides the obvious of the ambiance presence of fans and curious, we instantly knew that she is an amazing model just the way she gave us a great photo ops and the photos produced from those instances!

If you dig in a bit deeper, on the web we mean, you would find that Emily is a great talent from Australia and has been published in many key publications, including GQ USA, FHM, Maxim, Zoo Weekly, and other places.  We can totally understand the popularity that she generated in the pro modeling world!   We highly command this awesome aussie amazing talent!

So Many Gorgeous #MonsterEnergyModels at Supercross!! Rebecca Garcia @RebeccaGarcia_ Erica Nagashima @EricaNagashima Bradi S and More

 Anaheim, CA / by W&HM Staff 
Monster Energy Models are synonymous to top models, active models, flawless models, and fun models!  These internationally renown super talents are the highlight of the Supercross Anaheim events.  Not only Monster Energy is the official sponsor of the Supercross, and they have the biggest space and stage in the pit party expo, and they have the highest model showing at the show, the Monster Energy Models are such cream of the crop that each one of them can stand on their own as the super model in the promo world.  Just imagine combining all these super powers under one roof, how much excitements they would generate and many very memorable moments and pictures would be taken home by the show goers.

There were so many Monster Energy Models, including Rebecca Garcia, Erica Nagashima, Myra Tinajero, Mercedes Terrell, Bradi S, Natalie Paladin, Dessie Mitchson, and lots of more, that we could not enumerate all of them.  Therefore, we bring back to you the top of the tops here!!  

Definitely check out the photos and credits to these amazing talents!!

Tons and Tons of Photos of Stunning @RockstarEnergy Girls @_oko_ @TheLBartlett @JessHarbour

Our Coverage Model Olivia Korte for
Rockstar Energy at Supercross Anaheim 3
  Anaheim, CA / by W&HM Staff
The amazing Rockstar Energy Models at the Supercross Anaheim events, are simply the top cream of the crop!!  Starting with our cover model, Olivia Korte, and then with amazing Leanna Bartlett, as well as Jessica Harbour, Skye McDonald, Amanda Delgado, Courtney Riggs, Rachel Brann, Marissa Kimberlin, Miss Parker, and more!!  Just the names of these lineups are super impressive already. Then you look through the photos and picture yourself at the event getting these awesome models' autographed posters.  That would be a very very good day!

Definitely check out the gorgeous collection of gorgeous photos of these gorgeous Rockstar Energy Models!!

Huge and Total Riot of Fun at Supercross Anaheim 3, Highlights of SX A3 Pit Party

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Anaheim, CA / by Py Pai 
Monster Energy AMA Supercross Anaheim 3 is another great success and drew in a hug crowd to the final event in the LA /OC region.  There was a mood of fun and party in the pit area.  Everybody was relaxed and much more free-spirited.  Maybe it's because this is the last Supercross event in the this location for 2015.  The next one is going to be at San Diego next week.  Thus it kind of has that after-big-show partying atmosphere at the Angel Stadium.

Never let people down, Monster Energy Drink girls were totally gorgeous, fun and very camera-friendly at the SX A3 event!  Whenever you point your camera at them, they will not only pose for you, the models in the jacuzzi would even squirt their water gun at you.  That's a much beloved remedy in the bewilderingly hot Anaheim weather at this time of the year.
If there were Monster Energy girls, there usually would be Rockstar Energy Drink models at the event as well.  Rockstar models had a different approach. They had runway style fashion uniforms, and awesome poster autographing with the models, and a photo booth with the beauties.  That quickly became a major attraction spot even right after the Pit Party area was just opened.  Great job ladies!
Of course, there were many and many vendors at the SX A3 event.  These models are just impressive as others at the hosting area and prominent spots.  We paid special tribute to the professional models at DC Shoes, AMS Oil, and many other awesome vendors!  Definitely check out the full highlight coverage of the SX A3 awesome models!
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