Awesome Pictures of Jessica Weaver and Ana Cheri for #Anzo #SEMA2013 @JESSICAKES33 @anacheri

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Anzo Head Lights and Tail Lights always have the brightest promotional personalities for their SEMA booth, just like their bright light fixtures and lighting systems!  This year, it's no exception.  They had Ana Cheri and Jessica Weaver (right), our cover model, to help Anzo promote the products and the brand. 

Jessica Weaver, is a multi-talented gorgeous blonde model, our cover model, our guest relationship columnist, and awesome JLovetalk Youtube channel hostess.  It's always great to see Jessica, as she is so personable and friendly and simply a pleasure to chat with and doing a nano-photo-shoot with!  Totally awesome!!

Claudia Alan's Bright Smiles at #ToyoTires in SEMA 2013 @RealClaudiaAlan

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Claudia Alan is a super popular model in all events that she attends.  It's not just because she is totally gorgeous, or she has awesome poses, or her personable personality that makes everybody feel like a great friend to her.  It's her smile that is so refreshing, so at ease, and so put-you-off-guard-and-open-your-heart-like!

At the SEMA 2013, Claudia has been working hard going places as Toyo Tires have multiple spots at the show, and you know that the space in SEMA is HUGE.  Sometimes, she is under the roof, and sometimes she is under a tent.  Nonetheless, she always brings her A-game to everybody.  That's why people are so happy to see her as they will always bring home a memorable moment and pictures with this awesome model!

Claudia Alan is also a big-kind-hearted person.  Just in time that this Saturday (11/16/2013) she will join the other awesome models to do charity donation event for the Typhoon disaster relief.  She is totally awesome!!  

Olivia Korte, Our Cover Model, Looks Stunning at @2Crave Booth in #SEMA 2013 @_oko_

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - One of the highlights of our trip to SEMA 2013 is to see our cover models again!  We work with the best of the best and it's always a great time catching up with them at events!

Olivia Korte always looks so refreshing both in person and in picture.  This year she graced the 2Crave booth, whom we crowned as best model team in SEMA 2013.   Her infectious smiles can light up your spirit during a long day at the big SEMA convention.  She tirelessly worked at the booth, amassing attendees' attentions and interacting with people with her magnetic ambassadorship.  Totally awesome and super professional!

Her popularity is widespread since she travels a lot and represents many top brands in the industry.  She even has her wiki page in wikipedia!  Now that's what we call a celebrity model!  Definitely check out her awesome works!!  We look forward to working with her and seeing her in many future shows!

Marie Alvarez's First SEMA Show Is A Great Success! @ariannaamarieee

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - The first time is always the most exciting and most memorable one.  Marie Alvarez was super excited about coming to SEMA this year, and worked at the Kosei Wheels booth.  Each day Marie has a different costume and we managed to capture 1.5 costumes (the 0.5 being that she was actually just about leaving.  good catch!)

From the photos, you can tell that Marie has become super-model strong in her modeling pursue.  The look, the style and the projection are all right on the spot!  Great job!!  Definitely keep it up Marie!

Autofashion + Falken 7th Annual VIP Festival at HRE by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Vista, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by Staff) - One would imagine how our sage contributor Clinton Lum does it... After the mammoth SEMA show at Las Vegas for 4 full days, the weekend after should be recuperation time.  But noooo, Clinton drove down to San Diego to the HRE Performance Wheels HQ office to attend the Autofashion + Falken 7th Annual VIP Festival car meet and captured many cool photos, especially in the cars department here [int link]!  At the meet, we had the Limitless Society team at presence.  Amy Ames is also one of the hardest working models to be there, also just came back from SEMA.  Our hats off to both Clint and Amy!

50+ Pix Girls of #SEMA2013 Gigantic Coverage Part 2

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - North Hall and Central Hall, where are the non-Wheels-or-Tires companies showcase their products, including equipment, tools, modifications, accessories, and all other things automobile.  They may have less model densities compared to the South Hall, they don't lack in star powers like their counterpart.  Also you may notice the subtlety of the different styles of model uniforms.  South Hall is more about a luxury lifestyle project while the North and Central Halls are more into themes and specialties.  This gives a slight hint of cosplay at the show too.  We welcome this direction of the varieties.

Our awesome cover models, Jessica Weaver for Anzo, Sarah Marie for Kinetik and Jennifer Irene Gonzalez for Genius Tools, are covering all corners of the halls.  It's great to see them again at this huge space of exhibitions, like meeting a family member after a long working day, a great and familiar feeling!

Now let's check out all the great models at the non-South-Hall locations!

90+ Pix Girls of #SEMA2013 Gigantic Coverage Part 1

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - 2013 SEMA is a HUGE show, and a totally awesome one!!  SEMA has always been the reigning top event for all things automobile, from equipment, to tools, to parts, to accessories, to gadgets, even to fleet management.  Las Vegas Convention Center is filled almost to the last square inch of the space that they have.  And this year's SEMA event is even the biggest one in its history in term of the vendor presence!

The good news is that the accompanying promotional personalities and models are abundant at the show as well!  That would be the sweetest music to our ears and we are dutifully and happily to report what we have observed at the show!

First off, we were very excited to see many of our cover and featured models there for various awesome vendors!  2Crave this year brought out the best team of models to the show, including Melyssa Grace and Olivia Korte at the top.  Claudia Alan always makes Toyo Tires extra special!  Arley Elizabeth and Donna Lăzărescu at Asanti Wheels looking super cool!  And Leng Yein from Malaysia graced the JDM Sports booth.
South Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center is the epicenter of the promotional model presence at SEMA.  We would venture to say that the 80/20 rule would probably be applied well here.  The wheels and tires companies are the primary sources of vendors.  They have hired so many well known, established, awesome and totally cool models to be present at the South Hall, where you can literally spending the whole time there taking pictures of the models and the products.  Of all types of vendors, wheels and tires really know what lifestyle marketing is and always do a great job!!

Here is a 90+ pictures recap of the awesome models that we met at the South Hall!
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