DUB Garage of Harley Davidson and Toyota Avalon Models Plus Galpin Girls!


By Py Wheelsandheelsmag, Los Angeles, CA - Away from the glitzy and shiny concept cars and detailed finishes, the fun actually is in the lower level Kentia Hall in the Los Angeles Convention Center, where the aftermarket vendors showcase their products, services, and here promotional models!

DUB Shop / Garage has an impressive presence in the hall, with Harley Davidson and Toyota Avalon take the majority of the floor space there.  Their promotional models are also super cool, and working hard getting people to sign up their mailing lists.

At the slight neighboring booth, Galpin also has a huge set up, and super refreshing models.  They are always so happy and warm and helpful handing out the company's freebies.  Great job!!

Allison Steinkamp (above right blonde) looks glamorous and chic in the Harley Davidson orange top!

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