2013 LA Autoshow Kentia Hall Aftermarket Awesome Model Highlights @Arrrrlz @msbrittanipaige

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - After the big press days with all the very awesome photos of the very formal models at the main halls by our sage photographer Clinton Lum, we came to the day 3 of the LA Autoshow, specifically the Kentia Hall, also the aftermarket place.

This is where the fun begins.  What we observed here is pretty much "anything goes!".  There are audio equipment vendors like Al&Ed's, DUB garage and shop, K1-Speed go-cart, to the SmartWax detail solutions, and even to the auto insurances, automobile books or non-automobile books, to kids playground.  This is really the place where everybody can find something for themselves.  And of course, we are very delighted to see there are great promotional models there too.

To lead them off, literally, our awesome cover model Arley Elizabeth, is stationed at the very first booth after the entrance.  What a great beginning of the hall!  Together with Arley is the very cute Brittani Paige.  She is always so animated and creative!  They hold the Al&ED's booth very well there!

Cherie Noel for Specialty Car Craft Motor Group, looks stunning, and uplifting for the whole brand's image!  Great job!

And we are very happy to Jenna Trujillo at the DUB Garage with Toyota Avalon booth.  She is always so bright and cool to catch up with!   And this year, the SmartWax booth has a model, the first time we encountered and she is gorgeous!!  Beyond gorgeous actually!!  Awesome SmartWax!!

Dianna Lushus is such a wonderful + wonderful model!  She is always so awesome to shoot with!   And K1-Speed also has a great presence at the show!

Allison Steinkamp (above right blonde) and her friends at the Harley Davidson section in DUB Garage.  The yall look super cool!  And we have Vanessa Thomspon who we just met at the 2Crave SEMA show.  It's great to see her again!
Galpin is always pulling all stops for the show and this is no exception!  The DUB Garage with Toyota Avalon has many + many models!  Our hats' off to them!!
We cannot resist not to post this picture!  The awesome Arley Elizabeth and the super cute photo bomber Brittani Paige! :-)

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