Huge Coverage of 2013 LA Autoshow Models! by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Los Angeles, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by Staff) - There are only a handful of large international Autoshows in North America.  Right next to the Detroit Autoshow, probably LA Autoshow would be the second in line.  Many new cars were debuted here and the whole venue is almost like a gala event happening, with all the shining cars, beautiful setups, and of course, top quality of models.

Our sage contributor Clinton Lum went in on the press day and captured these amazing models at the LA Autoshow.  As always the tradition, the models for the car manufacturers have a different role than the promotional models that we see most often in other car shows or drifting events.  The models in the LA Autoshow are a blend of fashion and commercial models, or sometimes very street fashion models.  The key is not how to be super glamorous, rather to project a sense of the branding identity, being it a high-end luxury, or the sporty rugged, or futuristic styles, or out-side-the-box designs.  They all look amazing!!

We are always impressed by the models at the Audi space.  They always have a sense of uplifting and classy aura.  We will bring many more photos in the coming days!







About the sage photographer, Clinton Lum:
Clinton’s background is in Architecture which provides a unique foundation from which he photographs his subjects, whether they are models, cars, or a mix in between.  As with Architecture, photography requires an attention to detail to balance composition, form and light to present a final image.

He has been in the import scene since 2004 and has covered countless events inSouthern California and out of state.  Besides import events, he has also covered automotive sports such as D1 Grand Prix, Formula Drift, Indy Car, NASCAR and NHRA drag racing.

In the past few years, he has been involved with glamour photography and learning to utilize off camera strobe lights and modifiers.  Compared to event photography, photo shoots allow for more lighting control while providing the time to properly compose shots.

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