Christine Mendoza Fundraising Event for Typhoon Disaster Relief by Clinton Lum Part 2 @Calibre68

Los Angeles, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by Staff) - At the Christine Mendoza's Fundraising event, there were many great models there to support the great cause. Jenna Trujillo showed up with her always gorgeous self, as well as the Jaro sisters/

About the event, our sage photographer Clinton Lum also said that the event is a fun one.  Although it started kind of slow, it quickly built up the crowd and traffic, but still very organized and orderly, keeping the walk way clear for pedestrians.  Great job in the organization!!

He also mentioned that the donations came in great volume, and the trucks were quickly filled up.  Totally awesome!  An eerie scene was when the donation from the Coroner delivered were some green body bags.  It gets you in a morbid reality sense but still seems to very appropriate for the situations there.



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