Genius Models Having Tons of Fun at #GeniusTools #SEMA2013 @jgmodeltalent @maoliu0118

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - When you are a genius, you play slightly different rules.  At the Genius Tools booth, our cover model Jennifer Irene Gonzalez had great fun playing with different tools.  And at times together with Mao Liu too!  The two cool models made a great sensation at the SEMA show with their very cute action-packed "product demo". :-)

However, on a serious note, we highly appreciate Genius Tools for their continuous support and belief in having promotional models at their booth, in very high contrast to other vendors at the same section.  We firmly believe that promotional models not just attracting more attendees for sales leads. They actually create a unique extension to the brand that no other medium or means can achieve.  It's like having wings on your back, or an extra reach of your arms, or cool designer shirt that makes you look... cool!

Girls just like to have fun!

Mao Liu and Jennifer Irene Gonzalez animated short video also went viral on Youtube.  Check it out!


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