Christine Mendoza Fundraising Event for Typhoon Disaster Relief by Clinton Lum Part 1 @Calibre68 @melyssagrace @helloraichelle @ChristineMendoza

Los Angeles, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by Staff) - There could never be too many good-cause charity events, especially with these amazing and beautiful ladies!  Christine Mendoza has called on her friends to help support her fundraising event for Typhoon Haiyan's victims in Philippine.  The turnout is huge and the results are great successes!!  Great job Christine!

Our sage photographer Clinton Lum, has captured many great photos, and they look super cool!  Good karma must be around the event!  Christine Mendoza looks great in her "City of Angels" T-shirt, and our hat's off to her for her great work here!

Melyssa Grace has just finished her Saturday's A Touch of Grace fundraising event yesterday and also picked up more donations last night, and Sunday showed up fresh and bright at this event.  We don't know how she does it, but she did it with such a great and kind heart with just-do-it action mindset.  This is how things happen and how successful people succeed!!  Our big hats off to her!!

We haven't seen Raichelle Viado for a long time!!  It's great to see her again!  She looks super gorgeous here!  We totally miss her!  Hope we will see her a lot more in the future!!

A lot more photos are here...
The awesome Christine Mendoza!!
Our Cover Model, Melyssa Grace!!!  She is soooo fun to shoot with!!


Raichelle Viado!!  Yay!!

The location is at the Brooklyn Projects on the chic Melrose Ave, Los Angeles.  Very cool!

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