Girls of SEMA 2013 Highlight #3 #SEMA2013 #GIRLSOFSEMA

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - Jeri Lee always looks super, especially in her intricate black dress, at Forgiato!  The Jaro sisters, Justene and Dawn look awesome at Vossen!

Girls of SEMA 2013 Highlight #2 #SEMA2013 #GIRLSOFSEMA

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - SEMA is definitely an ultimate summation of great models in the car show promotional industry in the US!  At the Vortech, Serena Su and Ashley Clark looking great!  And we haven't seen Thai Marie Cali for a long + long time!  It's great to spot her back in the scene, here with Konig!  Awesome!

And at the Anzo booth, the two totally stunning models, Ana Cheri, and our cover model Jessica Weaver, are so warm and welcoming to our camera!  Super Duo Troopers!!

At the Genius Tools booth, we have Jennifer Irene Gonzalez, our cover model, and her Just-Flew-in-Never-Seen-In-The-Scene-Before Taiwanese friend (left).  They just look super cute!!!  Lots of cool photos were made!

And Arley Elizabeth, our cover model as well here!  We are soooo happy to see her again!!  The Asanti's booth is so busy with Arley and other awesome models!

Girls of SEMA 2013 Highlight Part 1 #SEMA2013 #GIRLSOFSEMA

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - SEMA is by definition HUGE!  This year, it has more than 2500 vendors participated in the gigantic show.  According to the press release, this year's vendor presence is the biggest in all its history.  We saw halls packed with all the vendors, products, cars, and models!  That's great news to hear and we definitely applaud their efforts in getting all the vendors under one roof!  Our hats off to the great job the SEMA team has done!

From the modeling point of view, we are very pleased to find that many great models as well as new models are present at the show!  In the sea change of the promotional modeling scene, it's such a wonderful welcome back to many of the models that we missed in several car show and events in the recent past.

As tradition goes, the highest model density of the SEMA show is in the South Hall, on the main floor, where wheels and tires companies are stationed.  Many companies in this group definitely know a lot about the importance of lifestyle marketing and are not shy about bringing out the best of the best from the promotional modeling world.  While we were cruising through the South Hall, especially caught our eyes are the 2Crave models!  This year, 2Crave has major A-List models in the team.  We have our cover models Melyssa Grace and Olivia Korte, who are two very top models in the industry.  As well as Arika Sato and Vanessa Thompson and more models representing the cool 2Crave display.  We look forward to seeing them keep up the great work with these great models, and they sure have the potential to achieve the "Hankook Girls" status in the industry as a highly sought after title for models.

Then we met up Claudia Alan, who is always looking sooooo amazing, here at the Toyo Tire booth!  Her blue on blue effect is dazzling and very effective!  Great job Claudia!!

W&HM Issue 10 is Out!! Free Digital Copy! With Elena Romanova from The Diamond Dozen!!

W&HM Issue 10
Wheels and Heels Magazine Vol 1: W&HM Issue 10
Wheels and Heels Magazine / W&HM with beautiful top quality photo coverage of car shows and promotional models. Issue 10 includes cover model Elena Romanova, Formula Drift Round 7 Title Fight, Extreme Autofest San Diego, Extreme Dimensions Open House Fullerton, feature model Amanda Kerr, as well…

This is a very exciting issue!  The cover model Elena Romanova is a super gorgeous and mesmerizing model born in Ukraine and her portfolio is nothing but ultimate glam!  The car show coverage include Formula Drift Irwindale / Title Fight, Extreme Autofest at San Diego as well as Extreme Dimensions Open House Fullerton, and we have our featured model Amanda Kerr as well!  And we are extremely excited to have Jessica Weaver to be our guest columnist to answer many men's hottest questions about relationship!  You don't want to miss that!

To get the digital copy, click on this link [ext link] and start download the (14MB) PDF file.  It's that simple and no registration required!

2013 HIN Stage Competition, by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Fontana, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM) - This concludes the great coverage of 2013 HIN Fontana by Clinton Lum.

The stage beauty contest was a fun one.  Our sage contributor Clinton Lum captured some of the hottest moments of the competition!  And our hats off to miss Lilly Evans, the lady in pink, for sure!!

Check out More Cool Models from 2013 HIN Fontana, by Clinton Lum @Calibre68

Fontana, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM) - HIN / Hot Import Nights is a big event to see many gorgeous and talented models!  We have Jennifer Irene Gonzalez and Lisa Recupero above.

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