#HIN Chelsea Lee Graced the R1 Concepts Open House

La Habra, CA (W&HM) - We met up Chelsea Lee at the last Spocom/HIN show at Anaheim.  It's a while back and it's great to see her back at the R1 Concepts event.

She is such a good friend to many car owners at the show that we got multiple selections of cars that we can shoot with and she was gladly posing with them.  Awesome!

Gwendolynne Gee's Eyes Speak Poetry! at R1 Concepts Open House for #HIN @GwendolynneG

La Habra, CA (W&HM) - Gwendolynne Gee is one of a kind type of model.  She is such a natural born awesome performer in front of the camera.  Her photos always have lots of great emotions and unbounded energy. A nano-shoot with Gwendolynne is like working with the super + super model Coco Rocha, even though we never have that experience, but we do know how amazing both these two models are in front of the camera.  We are very lucky to be able to capture to Gwendolynne's pure genius.  We very much look forward to working with her in the future!!

Super Model Melyssa Grace at R1 Concepts Open House Wow! @melyssagrace

La Habra, CA (W&HM) - Melyssa Grace is a super model, period.  No matter what she does, each pose is meaningful and natural and gorgeous!  If you follow her gaze in every pictures that she is in, you would be able to tell a story from it, or hear what she is saying through it, or simply just following her lead to the presence of the moment.  Wherever she shows up, there guarantees to be a huge crowd, and lots of cameras, and simply more crowd.

Bright Star Amber Alvarez for R1 Concepts Open House

La Habra, CA (W&HM) - If you have met Amber Alvarez in person, you would not just be mesmerized by her speaking and sparkling eyes, you would also be super impressed by the happy and fun personality that she shows in every minute, or even seconds.  Whenever you do a nano-shoot with her at a show, you would definitely get some really cool shots of her.  Her smiles are definitely as bright, if not brighter, than those hi power halogen lights.  At the R1 Concepts, she's one of the three official R1 Concepts girls at the show, together with Melyssa Grace, and Brittani Paige.  And not only she does a great job in posing to cameras, she is also a talented go-go dancer, which she demonstrated her talent at the show as well.  You would be able to take a glimpse of her at the end of our R1 Concepts Open House video short.

Brittani Paige Told us Two Very Funny Stories at R1 Concepts @msbrittanipaige

La Habra, CA (W&HM) - Brittani Paige is one of the most fun models in the car show promotional industry.  Talking about brain, beauty, and brightness, she is definitely a triple-threat talent!  In fact, she is so genius, we were able to create TWO narratives purely based on the RANDOM photos that we took at the awesome R1 Concepts Open House event.  Let's see just how super-amazing she is!!

W&HM Issue 9 is out! Cover Model Jessica Weaver, DUB, EAF, GSWerks, and Skylar Renee

W&HM Issue 9
44 pages, published 9/29/2013
Wheels and Heels Magazine W&HM - top quality beautiful pictures and reports of models and cars, car shows, and auto events. Cover model Jessica Weaver, coverage of DUB Anaheim, Extreme Autofest Anaheim, GSWerks Open House, and featured model Skylar Renee.
Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We are very excited to have Jessica Weaver as our Issue 9 cover model!  She is not only stunningly gorgeous, she is also an amazing person.  She wears many hats in various roles that she manages.  Honestly, we don't know how she can do all these busy work in a 24 hours a day time frame.  Our hats' off to her, greatly!

In the Issue 9 print edition, we also have great pictorial highlights from DUB show Anaheim, Extreme Autofest Anaheim, as well as local team of GSWerks.  Plus we have a feature of Skylar Renee, who is a natural born model with a bright future ahead of her.

Definitely don't miss it!  Check it out at the above info box.

Stunning Top Models at 2013 R1 Concepts 2nd Annual Open House #r1concepts

La Habra, CA (Py) - This is R1 Concepts' 2nd Annual Open House and this is an awesome event with tons of cars, big crowd, and overflowing fun!  It's a great job well done!

The event was a quiet storm coming before the big day.  In the Facebook world, there were lots of whispering on line telling the event was going to be big, with a huge car showing, and top models' presence.  On top of it, HIN (Hot Import Nights) would also bring their models to the event as well.  Then it really turned into a big deal at the event day, and more than the expected number of cars and people at the location.  Great work!

The top billing models at the event include our cover Melyssa Grace and Brittani Paige.  Their bright and stunning presences just brought in a ton of fans, autograph-seekers as well as camera flashes to their desk.  That's what we called the top promotional models!  Then we have Amber Alvarez who was a pure camera magnet, Neodymium style!  People could not stop taking pictures of her until them felt that one more is becoming too impolite.  Her radiant eyes and mega-fun personality can rival a high-noon sun or high-beam bright lights.

HIN (Hot Import Night) also had several models on site who just upped the whole event another level of festive mode!  Erica Law, Chelsea Lee, and Gwendolynne Gee, were all happily showing their awesome energies.

Over all, this is a fantastic event, and we foresee that the next year, they would probably need a huge parking lot to host such an event with so many cars and fans.  Great job R1 Concepts, great job!!

Wonderful Sandra Wong With Many Expressions @MsSandraWong #autogellery2013

Huntington Beach, CA (W&HM) - We saved the most popular to the last. :-)  Sandra Wong at the Auto Gallery car show was one of the busiest models at the event.  She had none-stop fans coming to her to buy her posters / photos, as well as old and new friends chatting with her.  She was so nice to everybody that made everybody felt like a great friend of her.  That's one of her super sauce for being so successful!
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