Amber Alvarez Comes in Amazing Two @danngamber #autogallery2013

Huntington Beach, CA (W&HM) - We were not sure how many times we've met Amber Alvarez before.  Maybe it's only a few fingers count that we can recall, one being that she was with R1-Concepts at the Spocom Super Show this year.  Back then her unique bright smile really matched our overexposed flash light on her.  We were not sure if it's actually our flash went overdrive, or it's her sparkling personality that pushed the light sensor to the extreme in our camera.  Anyway, Amber is back again and we are very happy to meet her again. This time, we were able to properly adjust our  equipment to match her awesome presence.
Amber has a big heart and a mega caliente passion for life that we can readily tell.  Photo shooting with her and about her was like catching a genius child figuring out math puzzles.  One second she is formal and next second she broke out her radiant and hearty smile on you as if she solved an impossible equation!
And we have not mentioned her playfulness at events.  She is always like a kid in the candy store, that anything can be fun and any situation is for play.  That's the essence of a bright promotional model's secret.  Take job seriously, but take life playfully.  Our hat's off to Amber and look forward to seeing her more in the future!