Chaba the Beautiful Graced So Sweet at 2013 Auto Gallery @CHABA1LOVE #autogallery2013

Huntington Beach, CA (W&HM) - Chaba the beautiful appeared at the So Sweet car scented tags booth, is one of the main magnet spots at the 2013 Auto Gallery car show.

In the past months and months, we did not get a chance to see too much of Chaba besides a few spotting in the recent past.  We are super glad that Chaba is back to the car show scene more and more!  She told us that she just recently relocated to a new place and she is every happy to have a new but familiar neighborhood and can hang out with her good friends.

And we always remember Chaba's signature look, but now with more potent power and mesmerizing eyes... Wow!

It's always great to see Chaba and we hope that we will see her a lot more in the future!!!
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