Marissa Hiroko Totally Amazing at #Subiefest #Fontana CA @MarissaHiroko

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - Marissa Hiroko is a fashion model, a fantastic fashion model!  She has a wonderful idea of bringing fashion styles and elegances to the promotional modeling scene.  This type of cross-over is becoming more and more popular and we highly applaud this concept!

Marissa has been working extensively in car shows for the past several years.  The first time we saw at the HIN Pomona a few years back, and were impressed by her uniqueness and tall-ness and sweetness.  From then, it's all the way up and appeared in many major roles across various shows and events.

Earlier the year, she took it a bit slowly in the car show  
industry, and prepared for a renewed  enthusiasm back in the scene.  We are very happy to see her again and look forward to seeing here a lot more in the future!

The simple throws of her arms and placements of feet gave away that they are all beautifully structured and awesomely elegant.

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