Marie Alvarez Like a Flower Child Carefree and Fun and Awesome!

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - At the Subiefest Fontana earlier, we met up with Marie Alvarez, in her flower child hair band, reminded us about the 60's, a period of fun, carefree, experiments, adventures and of course, love!  We've known Marie for a long time, and through the various shows and time, she has transformed and grown into a full blown top model status.  She posses her carefree and happy-go-lucky spirit and it's a real fun catch up with her.  She would make you feel that you are her good pal, and she does not mind telling you all the fun things in her life, and  even
don't mind twerking to show you (not on you!) that she is really hip!

When she got on a mini-scooter, she's like a boy at the Christmas morning, could not stop playing with it and having all kinds of fun on it!  Marie is totally awesome and we look forward to seeing her in the future soon!
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