Janis True is Truly Stunning and Christine Kregers Totally Awesome! #Janistrue #autogallery2013

Huntington Beach, CA (W&HM) - Janis True (above left) may not be the tallest model at the show, but her modeling persona and appearance definitely made a huge mark on everybody.  She has a commanding presence, a fiery passion to her fans, and proactive attitude to cameras, Janis is having tons of fun and we had tons of great pictures of her!

Christine Kregers (above right) is a very approachable and friendly to talk to model.  She would make you feel like that you just met her at a party but you've already known her for a long time.  It's that familiarity that Christine brings to you that is  the lasting impression, and of course, as well as her amazing physique and super toned shape too!

Janis looks really good with this red and black combination for so many reasons!

And the blue turquoise theme is a great reflection of Christine's calming and friendly personality!