Awesome Fun with Lyna Ly Sparks @MissLynaLy and Katelynn Anasari, Natalia Marie and Diana Lushus #Bimmerfest #Pasadena

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - We saw Lyna Ly Sparks at the Bimmerfest and was totally stunned by her awesome minimallistic style uniform and refreshing appearance.  After a quick chat, we learned that

Lyna just came back from a big trip in Asia and totally enjoyed the fun and foods during the trip.  Her told us that she would love to take another trip there and explore even more goodies there.  Super!

Katelynn Ansari has that super model star power in her.  This time she is at the Nitto booth and showed us her mesmerizing smiles.

Now here come to trouble-fun-makers, Natalia Marie and Diana Lushus!  We love to see them everytime at the show.  Natalia is known for her great creative expressions and fun loving spirits!

She came up with the idea of showering Diana with the flyers that she's supposed to hand out, like a stack of money flying from the sky.  Genius!!!


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