Wonderful Jessica Weaver Celebrating V-Apes Vaping Store Car Getting-Together

San Gabriel, CA (W&HM) - Remember the very cool vaping store, V-Apes, who was featured in our print Issue 5 / Tera Patrick issue?  They had a car get-together and Jessica Weaver was their awesome ambassador for the vaping store!

It's a hot day and San Gabriel is sandwiched by the big San Gabriel Mountain and the hilly Monterey Park, which basically became a cooking pan during heat waves.  To be fair, when the heat waves hits, 90% of LA/SB is basically a cooking pan.

Even though the number of cars did not compare to the regular car meets, it is definitely made up by Jessica's presence there.  Her dedicated passion for the store and love of modeling is a perfect combination for her.  We were very happy to help them to spread the good words!  If you are vaping fan and happen to be in San Gabriel Valley, you might like to check them out.  They are really friendly and cool and the  ambiance  is very relaxing, especially the magnificent wall mural inside their store!  Very cool!

O-Mazing Ryan Oso at #autogallery2013

Huntington Beach, CA (W&HM) - We haven't seen Ryan Oso for a long while.  To correct  ourselves, actually we saw Ryan in several events already in the past summer months.  However, each time the sighting was so brief that the summation of our camera shutter time on her is like milliseconds, literally.

However, this time at the Auto Gallery, we definitely caught up with and chatted about her busy schedule and multi-channel cool projects, as well as the ample time for a mini-shoot.  This definitely quenched our thirsts for her awesome appearances.

Janis True is Truly Stunning and Christine Kregers Totally Awesome! #Janistrue #autogallery2013

Huntington Beach, CA (W&HM) - Janis True (above left) may not be the tallest model at the show, but her modeling persona and appearance definitely made a huge mark on everybody.  She has a commanding presence, a fiery passion to her fans, and proactive attitude to cameras, Janis is having tons of fun and we had tons of great pictures of her!

Christine Kregers (above right) is a very approachable and friendly to talk to model.  She would make you feel like that you just met her at a party but you've already known her for a long time.  It's that familiarity that Christine brings to you that is  the lasting impression, and of course, as well as her amazing physique and super toned shape too!

Amber Alvarez Comes in Amazing Two @danngamber #autogallery2013

Huntington Beach, CA (W&HM) - We were not sure how many times we've met Amber Alvarez before.  Maybe it's only a few fingers count that we can recall, one being that she was with R1-Concepts at the Spocom Super Show this year.  Back then her unique bright smile really matched our overexposed flash light on her.  We were not sure if it's actually our flash went overdrive, or it's her sparkling personality that pushed the light sensor to the extreme in our camera.  Anyway, Amber is back again and we are very happy to meet her again. This time, we were able to properly adjust our  equipment to match her awesome presence.

Wow Amy ames and Ellie Roxx for Limitless Society at #AutoGallery2013 @amyamesmodel

Huntington Beach, CA (W&HM) - Amy Ames and Ellie Roxx are the Limitless Society's top models in many major events.  It's a wonderful working relationship from our perspective.  Limitless Society is very active in many car shows and events, and Amy and Ellie are frequent in their appearances and you would get more awesome photos of them.  Definitely a win+win+win combination is at work here!

Through the months and years, we saw Amy has become a strong modeling force in the car show promotional industry.  She has great network talents and know how to work with her fans as well as media...

Chaba the Beautiful Graced So Sweet at 2013 Auto Gallery @CHABA1LOVE #autogallery2013

Huntington Beach, CA (W&HM) - Chaba the beautiful appeared at the So Sweet car scented tags booth, is one of the main magnet spots at the 2013 Auto Gallery car show.

In the past months and months, we did not get a chance to see too much of Chaba besides a few spotting in the recent past.  We are super glad that Chaba is back to the car show scene more and more!  She told us that she just recently relocated to a new place and she is every happy to have a new but familiar neighborhood and can hang out with her good friends.

2013 Auto Gallery Car Highlights by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Huntington Beach, CA (W&HM)- Our sage contributor Clinton Lum has brought us some cool car photos from the 2013 Auto Gallery car show.  Here is the link to the article.  More will come soon!  Please stay tuned!

Cool Video of 2013 AutoGallery Models @CHABA1LOVE @MsSandraWong

Huntington Beach, CA (Py) - We made another awesome short video! This time it's from the Auto Gallery car show and we have some really amazing models and actions here!  You will see Chaba looking amazing, Amber Alvarez and Xena Kai having a great time, Lily Evans's super sultry side, as well as Sandra Wong's easy breezy and beautiful cover girl look!

Let us know what you think and what you like to see more!

Beautiful 2013 AutoGallery Model Highlights #AutoGallery2013

Huntington Beach, CA (Py) - This year's Auto Gallery was held at the famous and fun Huntington Beach, CA, which frequently shows up at So-Cal TV news.  The weather was a picture perfect sunny and breezy (and times windy too) beach weather.  People were strolling around the beach, jogging along walk paths, or riding their very beachy bicycles.  It's for sure a postcard picture scenery here.

Inside the Auto Gallery venue, there were rows of cars that are very well modified and polished import cars, with shining wheels and shining engine compartments.  For import car lovers, this would be a great Saturday afternoon hangout to spend some time checking out some cool gears and parts and mods.  Besides the awesome cars, there were also cool food trucks like Dogzilla to fulfill your beach hungers.

And no surprise, there were quite some models as well at the event.  One of the most eye-catching activities is the contest of Miss Auto Gallery 2013.  There were three rounds of competitions, to give the attendees (both the contestants and audience) ample time to know each other.  This year, there were more varieties and shall we say more leggy models on the stage.  We definitely applaud to that!

2013 #Subiefest Models in All Shapes and Forms and Brands including Jacky kvicky

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - There were more models than we can focus in the last several days from the Subiefest.  The International Allstars Marketing / Modeling team has brought several models including Jacky Kvicky (above right) and more...
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