Three Graces from #FlawelessRides at #Subiefest

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - The Flawless Rides booth hired three wonderful models, Laura Baker (above right), Krystal (above left) and Wendy.  Each of them possesses a great personality.  Laura Baker has been in the inside industry for a long time, and she works tirelessly across various venues and events.  We always applaud her dedication to modeling.

On the other hand, Krystal, a new model to the scene, or at least

#SandraWong, Luccia Cafiero at #Subiefest Fontana @MsSandraWong @lucciamodel

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - Sandra Wong, our amazing cover model, is such a sweet person and an awesome model.  Each time we meet up with her, there seems to be endless things to talk about.  More than her friendly personality and illuminating appearance, she has the natural talent that creates such an alluring imagery on your camera that you can just stare and stare and stare...

Marissa Hiroko Totally Amazing at #Subiefest #Fontana CA @MarissaHiroko

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - Marissa Hiroko is a fashion model, a fantastic fashion model!  She has a wonderful idea of bringing fashion styles and elegances to the promotional modeling scene.  This type of cross-over is becoming more and more popular and we highly applaud this concept!

Marissa has been working extensively in car shows for the past several years.  The first time we saw at the HIN Pomona a few years back, and were impressed by her uniqueness and tall-ness and sweetness.  From then, it's all the way up and appeared in many major roles across various shows and events.

Earlier the year, she took it a bit slowly in the car show  

Marie Alvarez Like a Flower Child Carefree and Fun and Awesome!

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - At the Subiefest Fontana earlier, we met up with Marie Alvarez, in her flower child hair band, reminded us about the 60's, a period of fun, carefree, experiments, adventures and of course, love!  We've known Marie for a long time, and through the various shows and time, she has transformed and grown into a full blown top model status.  She posses her carefree and happy-go-lucky spirit and it's a real fun catch up with her.  She would make you feel that you are her good pal, and she does not mind telling you all the fun things in her life, and  even

Sharla Sti Looks Stunning and Leggy! Wow! @SharlaSTi #Tomiokaracing #Subiefest

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - This is the first time that we meet Sharla STi and we are totally impressed.  Even before we entered the expo area, we saw a beautiful model standing by a uniquely souped up Subaru.  Now that's a perfect photo moment!

We caught up with her at the Tomioka Racing booth, Sharla showed her super friendly side and totally approachable personality!  From the conversation, we sensed an amazingly talented model inside and outside, as well as a fiercely passionate car lover!  That does not happen often in this universe for sure!

Which Version of the DUB Model Videos is Cooler?

We love playing with this video editing program. We created two versions of the videos based on similar contents.  Tell us which one is the better version?
NOTE: Video may need to be clicked twice to play and may take some time to load too... But it's worth it!
(1) or (2)

Also if you like the videos, let us know.  Based on your feedbacks, we may create more in the future!!

Great Model Highlights of 2013 #Subiefest Fontana

Fontana, CA (Py) - We've never been to Subiefest before, so we were totally surprised by how big and how cool the event is!  We heard that started early Saturday morning, people lined up to get into the huge Autoclub Speedway in Fontana, CA and waited a long time just to get in.  Not only it shows the passion and dedication of the Subie fans, it also demonstrated that this is a great event and garnished a lot of buzzes!

We will have a car and vendor article soon (will update the link here) about the event.  Here are some highlight photos from this awesome event!

First off, we have our forever beautiful cover model Sandra Wong (above left), at the Crawford Performance booth.  Sandra is always soapproachable and personable; no wonder she won a huge fan base in the industry!  The we met up Sharla STi (the blonde here).  She appeared out of this world with her amazing physique and bright smiles!  She is from the currently very wet state of Colorado and make her way through to the super hot 106F desert heat Fontana city here.  Bravo!

Great Model Tanya Rouse Looking Great for Cipher Auto at 2013 Sideway Sundays

Lake Elsinore, CA (W&HM) - We've worked with Tanya for a long time and she is always one of the most positive, bright, and great to work with models!  This time, she was not even doing promotional work here, but we dragged her out to enjoy the hot sun and high temperature and scorching metals.  She is such a trooper and gave us many good photos!  Great job Tanya!!

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