Awesome #Video Short of 2013 #Subifest Models!

Fontana, CA (Py) - We have an artistic / music video of event coverage for Subiefest models!!!

This is ground breaking, as the flow and the looks are amazing!  We look forward to creating more in the future!!

NOTE: Sometimes, the phone may not show the clip at first.  You may need to wait for it to load or try it again.  It will work!

BIG Presence of #JDMSport Girls at 2013 Sideway Sundays

Lake Elsinore, CA (W&HM) - JDM Sport always has a strong presence of models at events, no matter the size, the location, and the temperature.  This time at Sideway Sundays, it's no exception!

Mella here was really active at the event.  She was at the promotional stage, at the JDM Sport booth, as well as the Miss Sideway Sunday contest.  Very cool!

Awesome Sparkling Jewelz with Mr Clean Promotions at 2013 Sideway Sundays

Lake Elsinore, CA (W&HM) - We have non-stop leggy models from the Mr Clean Promotions.  Sparkling Jewelz is definitely a  poster child of this notion.  It's so easy to demonstrate the point, as she is so photogenic in this aspect and it's highly appreciated!!

With the sporty, and drifty cars as the backdrop, Sparkling Jewelz looks like she is in flight some times, high in the air!

Leggy C-Anne with Mr Clean Promotions Looks Amazing with Her New Hairdo

Lake Elsinore, CA (W&HM) - We've known C-Anne for a long time.  She always has that passion for modeling and always maintains her fashion model shape!  Great job C-Anne!

At the 2013 Sideway Sundays, C-Anne gave us ample amount of time to roam around the expo and worked with several cars and a bike. Despite the 106F degree weather, it was totally fun!!  Great job C-Anne!

And C-Anne is with Mr Clean Promotions, who specializes in the Inland Empire area models, but extends to Beverley Hills and Hollywood and more for gigs, exposures, and opportunities.  Great team!

Leggy Alexx Juice Heated up #SidewaySundays

Lake Elsinore, CA (W&HM) - Our cover model Alexx Juice is a busy girl.  She came to the 2013 Sideway Sunday early than most others, and stayed as long as she can for our nano-shoot there, to the edgy of almost not being able to make it back to her job in the afternoon.  We salute her for her sheer talent, strong passion, and working hard + play hard life karma.  During the shoot, she showed off beautifully how versatile she can be and can be super transformative.  Alexx is totally awesome!!

Wow Jamie Lynn, Miss 2013 #SidewaySundays Rocked the Show!

Lake Elsinore, CA (W&HM) - Under the super heat in the deep valley of Lake Elsinore, CA, Jamie Lynn still effortlessly looked even hotter than the temperature in her black tight pants, at the 2013 Sideway Sundays event.

Jamie Lynn has a tranquil personality, and gracefulness in her posing.  Maybe that's why she stayed so calm and so cool during our shoot.  Or maybe that's why she won the title of Miss 2013 Sideway Sundays!  It was a surprise to her to win the title, as she talked about it afterwards, but we think that she is the very rightful winner of this beauty pageantry.

2013 Dubfest Irwindale Models by Clinton Lum @Calibre68

Irwindale, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by Py) - Dubfest is a cool show whose main theme is posh and highly modifiable European cars. We see that GXS Racing team has brought a major presence of their models to the show!  With Kelly Gebh leading the way here, the GXS models gave us a great mini photo shoot sessions!  Great job all!!

To see the car coverage portion, definitely check out in our article: also by Clinton.

HOT and Leggy Models at 2013 #SidewaySundays, #LakeElsinore

Lake Elsinore , CA (Py) - 106F  degrees... That's the reading on our car's dashboard.  That's 41C in Metric!!  Body temperature is only 98.6F or 37C!!  Now that's HOT, at this Lake city deep in the hilly and valley Riverside County, about 70 miles Southeast of Los Angeles.

2013 Sideway Sundays turned out to be an even hotter event with hot models in hot pants, smoking drifting actions, and loud heavy metal concerts, blended with warm vendors and sizzling food trucks.  Now that's HOT!!!  It also looks a lot like a mini version of a Formula Drift event, without the super sized crowd.  This is awesome!!

Even under the blazing heat and the 2pm sun, we had a great time doing photo shoots with quite many models, especially with Mr Clean Promotions models, which had a major presence at the event.  As you can see in these highlight photos of them, if you enjoy leggy models, you are in the right place!

BMW of Murrieta Girls are Wow at #Bimmerfest #Pasadena

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - The BMW of Murrieta certainly knows how to find awesome models!  Here are the proof of their wonderful cased models.
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