May 31, 2017

360 Sunny Cover Model Angelina Andrada for Prestige Marketing at #Wekfest LA 2017

 Our cover model Angelina Andrada has that 360 degrees beauty all around and this time she demonstrated it at Prestige Marketing Booth in Wekfest LA 2017 / W&HM Staff
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We always admire our beautiful and intelligent and warm hearted cover model, Angelina Andreada.  She has that grace that you feel in awe.  She has that bright personality that everything seems positive.  She has that wisdom that can talk about life management with us!  Definitely a role model of models and role friend of all friends!

Angelina Andrada 


May 28, 2017

Big Highlights of WEKFEST LA 2017 #wekfest

Asian car model Nicole Marie Reckers in black tanktop for Prestige Marketing by their cool modified BMW
W&HM Cover Model Nicole Marie Reckers for Prestige Marketing Project Cars 2

WEKFEST LA 2017 is another big hit with highly articulated modified imports and top stunning models under the bright Long Beach sky / W&HM Staff
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This is our continuous coverage of WEKFEST since the early days.  WEKFEST has always been one of the top car events in the crowded southern California car show industry.

Just by judging from the presence of the cars there you can tell that the selection is tough and standard is tough.  There is no chance that you would see a stock car in display.  Every car there is at their peacock full pluming state to court fellow car die-hards.

Besides the amazing cars, Prestige Marketing has brought an array of top models!  They include our cover models, Nicole Marie Reckers, Angelina Andrada, as well as feature models Jace Marlee, as well as Krystle Lina and Bee Barajas!  That's totally awesome!  Our hats off to the Prestige Marketing Team!!
Asian model Angelina Andrada by the red NSX
W&HM Cover Model Angelina Andrada for Prestige Marketing Project Cars 2

Amanda Paris and Krystle Lina for Prestige Marketing 

W&HM Feature Model Jace Marlee for Prestige Marketing by the sparkling white Tesla
The official model Ashley Vee looks totally amazing!!  The line for the chance to have a selfie with this gorgeous model is simply a totally very small price to pay for!
WEKFEST Official Model Ashley Vee 
More about the cars!  There are some of the top cars showed up at the WEKFEST.  There are ranging from the beautiful vintage to the ultra modified to the very articulated decorations.  The inside and outside are both the top notch works in display!

May 26, 2017

Super Sweet Lisa Lee Marie, The Official V8BUILDS Model #v8builds #lisaleemarie

blonde model Lisa Lee Marie in a mini black dress, holding umbrella, in front of a red corvette
Lisa Lee Marie, the official umbrella model for V8Builds 

The biggest star by far at the V8Builds, besides the awesome cars, is our feature model Lisa Lee Marie!! / W&HM Staff
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It's always sunny, this time super hot, to meet Lisa Lee Marie at a car show, here as in the V8Builds car show in Fontana, Autoclub Speedway!

Not only we haven't seen her for a long time, she is looking more brilliant!!  With her natural gorgeous look and best-friend personality, no one can resist her radiant charm and genuine brightness!

Lisa Lee Marie

We got a chance to catch up with Lisa, and she told us that this year is the year of awesomeness!  She has multiple jobs as well as she has almost non-stop gigs in line, plus she is totally happy with her light now.

Next time

May 22, 2017

Highlights of V8Builds at Fontana 2017 #v8builds

The fun and hot car show and meet event V8Builds had eye-catching amazing cars and great models / Py Pai
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 V8Builds car show event is a petite car show event put together by the team of MotorMavens.  But don't be fooled by the size of the venue, which in the Autoclub Speedway Fontana parking lot, it has all the great ingredients of a cool car show.

First of all, the cars in the event were very impressive in their own rights.  Some are articulated vintage American. Some are souped up import modified.  Even a monster truck participated the rank and file of the v8 peers.

By walking around you get to see gems left and right, which you don't find easily in other car shows.  V8builds has attracted some of the prestige status and bragging right cars to the show.
model Lisa Lee Marie in a black mini dress with strappy sandal at V8Builds car show
Official V8Builds model Lisa Lee Marie
 Even though the models were not super abundant, we got Lisa Lee Marie here, which speaks loudly about the show style.  Lisa Lee Marie is such an awesome model that she totally embodies the glamour and style and allures in one.  Needless to say, we were so happy to see her again, probably the first time in this year, and for a very long time too.

Throughout the show, there were giveaways to the attendees.  Actually it was pretty impressive of some giveaways.  Heavy stuffs and big stuffs and stylish stuffs..., they all are from the dedicated vendors at the show.  Bravo to them!

May 21, 2017

Beautiful Lilly Evans at Raceworz Fontana 2017 @LillyEvans_ #racewoarz / W&HM Staff
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It's great meeting with Lilly Evans at car shows.  She is always warm and friendly and approachable, no matter how famous she is now!  The star power of hers is simply breathtaking and shows by itself instantly.

Lilly Evans is always very fashion creative.  Every time we saw her it's like a new idea coming up in the trend.  She totally won our wardrobe styling honor!!

Lilly Evans

May 19, 2017

Sweet and Leggy Feature Model Charise Jeannine at Raceworz Fontana 2017 @charise_jeanine #raceworz

Our feature model Charise Jeanine gave us that fashion leggy look at the Raceworz Fontana / W&HM Staff
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Feature model Charise Jeanine has always been maintaining a great fashion sense on her wardrobe as well as her portfolio.  In her Instagram, she showed us the lyrical style of her modeling as well as the editorial style that she has in her work.  We highly respect that because we are very much into the editorial glam style of genre!

Charise Jeanine

May 17, 2017

Quick Snaps of Awesome Cover Model Arley Elizabeth at Raceworz Fontana 2017 #raceworz @arrrrlz

Our cover model Arley Elizabeth at the Raceworz car show gave us a super warm smile! / W&HM Staff
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It's always awesome to see Arley!  Not only she is our multi-times cover model, she is a wonderful friend of ours.  This time at the Raceworz in Fontana Autuclub Speedway, she was all bundled up because the weather was like a winter in the southern California May.  It's pre June gloom, and was about to rain too.

Nonetheless, the bright smile that Arley showed us was simply priceless!  She is always so sunny!!  Even though we did not get a chance to take more photos, we managed to forever cement her beautiful smile and warm personality!

Arley Elizabeth

May 15, 2017

Gorgeous cover model Jessica Weaver at Raceworz Fontana 2017 #raceworz @JloveJlove11 @Jessicakes331

Our stunning and gorgeous cover model Jessica Weaver brought the bright spotlight to the model lounge at the Raceworz Fontana 2017! / W&HM Staff
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We are so happy to see Jessica Weaver again at the Raceworz!  Not only this is a great car show environment that has all the fun here, it provides a perfect backdrop for our awesome cover model to come back to meet her fans as well as in front of our camera!!

Jessica is like several years ago when we met her.  Her eyes shines with intelligence and genuine personality.  Her aura is full of positivity and joy.  She is always so happy and bright.  Always our pleasure to meet her and work with her!!

Jessica Weaver

May 8, 2017

New Venue and New Excitement at Toyotafest 2017 Long Beach #toyotafest / Py Pai
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The 22nd Annual Toyotafest has a lot of going for them!  Simply from the title of the show is enough said.  22 years is a long long time for any car show!  We totally have our hats off to them!  Then the organizer has a new venue for the show, which is along the bank of the river to the ocean.

Even though it does not have the Queen Mary as the backdrop, but it is the long stretch of the river scene that gives a truly outdoorsy feel to the event.  Plus it's on grass as always that just makes the show unique than others on the asphalt or concrete.
Needless to say, the cars in the show are awesome, especially with some of the vintage classic Toyota trucks that are simply eye arresting.  We saw many of the supporters at the show who brought their cars to the show.  This is a great community to celebrate without saying.

We were very happy to see that 2Crave had their two beautiful models Sam Ferraez and Loriel Finch in their red hot dress.  Also Spec-D brought Alexia Cortez and Renee to the show and people just love them dearly!

May 7, 2017

Big Coverage of Great Raceworz's 2017 Fontana #raceworz

Despite the cloudy cold weather, Raceworz 2017 Fontana Car Show and Models made a huge star-studded appearance at Fontana Autoclub Speedway! / W&HM Staff
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After the perfect summer sunny 90+F weather in the last few days here in southern California, the weather god cast a spell and sprinkled us with a cloudy and cold and windy dome at the Fontana Autoclub Speedway.  Raceworz pushed on and against all the weather odds, and put up an awesome show!  We loudly applaud the great job that they have done and what a wonderful show that they brought us the community!!

W&HM Cover Models and Feature Models

First off, our cover models Jessica Weaver and Arley Elizabeth together with our feature model Charise Jeanine, Lilly Evans are enough said about the model lounge's level of high quality.  These amazing models totally brightened up the whole show no matter what kind of condition the weather throws at us.  They are simply just warm and lighten up our day at the show!

Car Show and Show Cars

Looking at the car show portion, there are some very impressive cars to the size of the car show here.  Several award winning cars and modifications that we have not seen before, and also our great friend, WWLC's awesome ride here as well. From the outside paint to the interior renovation just gave the car show friendly competition a cool groove!

May 5, 2017

Leggy Alexia Cortez at Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 2017 by Sage Photographer Clinton Lum @calibre68

One of the hardest working top models in the industry, Alexia Cortez showed up at the Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 2017, by our sage photographer Clinton Lum / W&HM Staff
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May 3, 2017

Cover Model Hanna Ferraez and More Models at Spec-D Spring Show Off 2017 by Sage Photographer Clinton Lum @calibre68

Our beautiful cover model Hanna Ferraez together with many more models showed up at the Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 2017, and wonderfully captured by our sage photographer Clinton Lum! / W&HM Staff
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At the Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 2017, there were many cool models and our sage photographer Clinton Lum has captured them all.  We are totally grateful to these amazing models and our awesome sage photographer!

May 1, 2017

Famous Jeri Lee Captured by Our Sage Photographer Clinton Lum at Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 2017 @calibre68 @specdtuning

The legendary Jeri Lee graced the Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 2017 car show.  Our sage photographer was at the right time and right spot! / W&HM Staff
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Jeri Lee is always so sunny and bright!  Whenever she flashes her smile, it's like a spring time all over again!  This time, it's at the Spring Show Off 2017 by Spect-D tuning!

Our sage photographer Clinton Lum had the great opportunity of capturing this gorgeous top model and brought back these awesome photos!  Thank you Clinton!!

Jeri Lee

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