Super Sweet Lisa Lee Marie, The Official V8BUILDS Model #v8builds #lisaleemarie

blonde model Lisa Lee Marie in a mini black dress, holding umbrella, in front of a red corvette
Lisa Lee Marie, the official umbrella model for V8Builds 

The biggest star by far at the V8Builds, besides the awesome cars, is our feature model Lisa Lee Marie!! / W&HM Staff
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It's always sunny, this time super hot, to meet Lisa Lee Marie at a car show, here as in the V8Builds car show in Fontana, Autoclub Speedway!

Not only we haven't seen her for a long time, she is looking more brilliant!!  With her natural gorgeous look and best-friend personality, no one can resist her radiant charm and genuine brightness!

Lisa Lee Marie

We got a chance to catch up with Lisa, and she told us that this year is the year of awesomeness!  She has multiple jobs as well as she has almost non-stop gigs in line, plus she is totally happy with her light now.

Next time
you see her, definitely take pictures with her!  She is such a great and friendly model friend!!


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