Highlights of V8Builds at Fontana 2017 #v8builds

The fun and hot car show and meet event V8Builds had eye-catching amazing cars and great models

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 V8Builds car show event is a petite car show event put together by the team of MotorMavens.  But don't be fooled by the size of the venue, which in the Autoclub Speedway Fontana parking lot, it has all the great ingredients of a cool car show.

First of all, the cars in the event were very impressive in their own rights.  Some are articulated vintage American. Some are souped up import modified.  Even a monster truck participated the rank and file of the v8 peers.

By walking around you get to see gems left and right, which you don't find easily in other car shows.  V8builds has attracted some of the prestige status and bragging right cars to the show.
model Lisa Lee Marie in a black mini dress with strappy sandal at V8Builds car show
Official V8Builds model Lisa Lee Marie
 Even though the models were not super abundant, we got Lisa Lee Marie here, which speaks loudly about the show style.  Lisa Lee Marie is such an awesome model that she totally embodies the glamour and style and allures in one.  Needless to say, we were so happy to see her again, probably the first time in this year, and for a very long time too.

Throughout the show, there were giveaways to the attendees.  Actually it was pretty impressive of some giveaways.  Heavy stuffs and big stuffs and stylish stuffs..., they all are from the dedicated vendors at the show.  Bravo to them!

Model Amairani Bridgette for auto.mobile.uploads

Model Cali Miles for get dismissed.com

It was a very hot and hot and hot day... about 100F but felt like 1000F hot... 

#GirlsInCamaros Car Club President with her beloved 

Little Danny's vintage 1959 Chevrolet 

The V8Builds + MotorMavens team

Big giveaways!