Quick Snaps of Awesome Cover Model Arley Elizabeth at Raceworz Fontana 2017 #raceworz @arrrrlz

Our cover model Arley Elizabeth at the Raceworz car show gave us a super warm smile!

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It's always awesome to see Arley!  Not only she is our multi-times cover model, she is a wonderful friend of ours.  This time at the Raceworz in Fontana Autuclub Speedway, she was all bundled up because the weather was like a winter in the southern California May.  It's pre June gloom, and was about to rain too.

Nonetheless, the bright smile that Arley showed us was simply priceless!  She is always so sunny!!  Even though we did not get a chance to take more photos, we managed to forever cement her beautiful smile and warm personality!

Arley Elizabeth