Big Highlights of WEKFEST LA 2017 #wekfest

Asian car model Nicole Marie Reckers in black tanktop for Prestige Marketing by their cool modified BMW
W&HM Cover Model Nicole Marie Reckers for Prestige Marketing Project Cars 2

WEKFEST LA 2017 is another big hit with highly articulated modified imports and top stunning models under the bright Long Beach sky / W&HM Staff
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This is our continuous coverage of WEKFEST since the early days.  WEKFEST has always been one of the top car events in the crowded southern California car show industry.

Just by judging from the presence of the cars there you can tell that the selection is tough and standard is tough.  There is no chance that you would see a stock car in display.  Every car there is at their peacock full pluming state to court fellow car die-hards.

Besides the amazing cars, Prestige Marketing has brought an array of top models!  They include our cover models, Nicole Marie Reckers, Angelina Andrada, as well as feature models Jace Marlee, as well as Krystle Lina and Bee Barajas!  That's totally awesome!  Our hats off to the Prestige Marketing Team!!
Asian model Angelina Andrada by the red NSX
W&HM Cover Model Angelina Andrada for Prestige Marketing Project Cars 2

Amanda Paris and Krystle Lina for Prestige Marketing 

W&HM Feature Model Jace Marlee for Prestige Marketing by the sparkling white Tesla
The official model Ashley Vee looks totally amazing!!  The line for the chance to have a selfie with this gorgeous model is simply a totally very small price to pay for!
WEKFEST Official Model Ashley Vee 
More about the cars!  There are some of the top cars showed up at the WEKFEST.  There are ranging from the beautiful vintage to the ultra modified to the very articulated decorations.  The inside and outside are both the top notch works in display!

WEKFEST Model Appearances

Model Manda Joy by the red NSX from Prestige Marketing

Model Asia Kristine for Prestige Marketing

Top model Marie Madore for Savini Wheels

Carmen for TruHART

All Aspects Models

Bee Barajas for All Aspects

Pena Fines for JDM of California

JDM of California Girls