New Venue and New Excitement at Toyotafest 2017 Long Beach #toyotafest / Py Pai
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The 22nd Annual Toyotafest has a lot of going for them!  Simply from the title of the show is enough said.  22 years is a long long time for any car show!  We totally have our hats off to them!  Then the organizer has a new venue for the show, which is along the bank of the river to the ocean.

Even though it does not have the Queen Mary as the backdrop, but it is the long stretch of the river scene that gives a truly outdoorsy feel to the event.  Plus it's on grass as always that just makes the show unique than others on the asphalt or concrete.
Needless to say, the cars in the show are awesome, especially with some of the vintage classic Toyota trucks that are simply eye arresting.  We saw many of the supporters at the show who brought their cars to the show.  This is a great community to celebrate without saying.

We were very happy to see that 2Crave had their two beautiful models Sam Ferraez and Loriel Finch in their red hot dress.  Also Spec-D brought Alexia Cortez and Renee to the show and people just love them dearly!
We look forward to their next year's 23rd annual Toyotafest again!!


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