Big Coverage of Great Raceworz's 2017 Fontana #raceworz

Despite the cloudy cold weather, Raceworz 2017 Fontana Car Show and Models made a huge star-studded appearance at Fontana Autoclub Speedway! / W&HM Staff
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After the perfect summer sunny 90+F weather in the last few days here in southern California, the weather god cast a spell and sprinkled us with a cloudy and cold and windy dome at the Fontana Autoclub Speedway.  Raceworz pushed on and against all the weather odds, and put up an awesome show!  We loudly applaud the great job that they have done and what a wonderful show that they brought us the community!!

W&HM Cover Models and Feature Models

First off, our cover models Jessica Weaver and Arley Elizabeth together with our feature model Charise Jeanine, Lilly Evans are enough said about the model lounge's level of high quality.  These amazing models totally brightened up the whole show no matter what kind of condition the weather throws at us.  They are simply just warm and lighten up our day at the show!

Car Show and Show Cars

Looking at the car show portion, there are some very impressive cars to the size of the car show here.  Several award winning cars and modifications that we have not seen before, and also our great friend, WWLC's awesome ride here as well. From the outside paint to the interior renovation just gave the car show friendly competition a cool groove!

 Models, models and more models!

Several vendors brought their models to the show and we were totally excited to see Spocom here again!  And we totally cannot wait for the big show in July!

 Awesome Celebrity Personalities

The legendary Big Abe gave us his iconic big wheel look!
 The industry's best MC at the show commanding the attention from the audience.  He is so engaging and so humorous that just being there listening to his one-man standup is enough for the ticket!
 And of course the impersonated Blues Brothers were on site with their big ride and loud speaker set up


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