2016 Savini Winter VIP Party - Wheels of Fun and Industry Must-Have Invite! @saviniwheels

Savini Wheels knows how to make serious wheels, and this time awesome fun too!!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / Anaheim, CA / Py Pai
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I was invited to the Savini Wheels Winter VIP Party.  At first I did not know the exact format of the party.  Is it a meet and greet?  or a company party with gift exchange?  Or a sit down dinner with a beautiful lobster on a plate?  When I arrived at the HQ of Savini, I was totally blown out of the water!

The majestic new Savini HQ building has transformed into a cool cars and wheels castle.  The super souped up cars lined up in front of the building and they kept coming in.  Once I entered the building, I was greeted with the iconic orange Lambo super car right in the center of the show floor.

Following the path of stylishly lit wheel displays, it's like a winter candy land through the office and warehouse of the company.   What awaited me was their back lot with cool loud music, live DJ, trucks with GRID logos and cars with Savini brands.

And it was filled with people, especially in front of the food services by the fence and inside the tents.  What were they serving?  Lobsters!! BBQ!! Delicious drinks!!  Now that's a heaven for a social event.  For one, you can just talk to any stranger and ask "how's the lobster?" and then you could instantly bond with a new friend.  It's such an easy social scene!

On top of the venue, the foods, the drinks, the laughter, and good times, there were our W&HM cover and featured models at the scene as well!  Not only they came in after a long day at various events during the day, they got to have a good time there too!  Besides the models, there were celebrities in the house as well!  It's such a happy scene!!

Through this experience, I am seeing a new trend emerging.  Instead of a big show presence, one can build an exclusive and more personable social event with their targeted key audience and client bases, in an all positive energy environment without the menial drudgery of a big show and impersonal formality.  This is such a great and leading construct that it could be the "Victoria's Secret Runway Show" in the cars and wheels industry!  We totally look forward to the next year's event already!