Definitely Check Out The BIG Coverage of ECC Expo 2016 Event at Santa Anita Park @ecc_expo

Smoking hot models and products captured at the ECC 2016 event by W&HM / W&HM Staff
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You Definitely want to check out big coverage of the ECC Expo 2016 Event at the Santa Anita Park!  There were so many of our gorgeous cover and feature models at the event!
Unlike the past indoor venues, this year, it's under the bright sunny but cool air weather here at the world famous horse racing Santa Anita Park, Pasadena. CA, Electronic Cigarette Convention had a wonderful show with many beautiful and energetic promotional models, including many of our top models all across the show.

The ECC is always doing awesome in the convention circuits here in Southern California.  There are dedication crowds and the industry is constantly going through transformation.  The combination of the loyalty and innovation has created a vibrant community with passion.

Here at the ECC Expo 2016, it's another great year.  We've met many vendors as well as models at the show.  They can rival a good size car show, sans the cars, at any given time.  Even though there is no model booth per se, which could be a great idea, there are plenty of promotional personalities and activities.  And most of all, the crowd seemed to be a gentle and fun one.  Many times, we enountered kindness, politeness, and crazily fun, as well as euphoric happiness!

Over all, it's a great show and we do look forward to seeing next year's event!

Ashley Twomey / Kilo e-Liquids / W&HM Cover Model 

Brttani Paige / Kilo e-Liquids / W&HM Cover Model

Angelina Andrada / e-Liquids / W&HM Cover Model

Sandra Wong / OXO / W&HM Cover Model

Crystal Mendez / Steep Vapors / W&HM Cover Model

 The famous Anta Anita Race Track, Pasadena, CA

Monika Cozlin / Switch Vapor / W&HM Feature Model

Nelly Chavez / Steep Vapors / W&HM Feature Model

Hanna Ferraez / SAVAGE e-Liquid / W&HM Feature Model

Lilly Evans / Zoookie Man / W&HM Model

LIzzy / Aspire Vape Co / W&HM Feature Model

Lisa Lee Marie / Saucy / W&HM Model 

 There were many innovative products and designs at the ECC Expo

Bianca Marie for Aspire 

Marie Madore / One Hit Wonder e-Liquid

Jeri Lee / One Hit Wonder e-Liquid

Steep Vapors Girls

 More interesting products...  And more to come!

Beckie Joon for Dr Shugar Chitz 

Dinner Lady Girl

Allison Green for Righteous