Big Highlight of SEMA 50th Anniversary Show Day 2

MKW Models Having Fun at SEMA 2016 / W&HM Staff
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We continue the exciting 2nd day of the grand 50th anniversary of SEMA show here in the huge Las Vegas Convention Center!!  Remember to click on the below link to see the full article!!

W&HM Cover Model Ashley Twomey and Celebrity Chip Foose
at Magnaflow in SEMA 2016

W&HM Feature Model Corrie J for VDO at SEMA 2016

W&HM Feature Model Anya Benton for CoolCovers at SEMA 2016

W&HM Feature Model Kristal Lina for Strada Wheels at SEMA 2016

Genius Tools USA model - Ela Pasion

Genius Tools Models - Vivian Ngyuen

Motiv, Fondmetal, Centerline and Gear Models

Brittany Flanel

Tatti Swan

Fittipaldi Sport Wheels Models

Kylie Walton and Lindsey Bowyer

Tire Stickers Models

Korean Model - Ji Hye Ryu

Lume models - Jessica Michelle and Veronica Becerra

Falken Tire - Ryndal Dawn

Falken Model - Melanie Tillbrook

Nexen Models

Kay Vee

Erica Nakashima

Wheel Pros Models

More Models

Truck Hero Models
Frances LacSamana

Jillian Knacke

Heidi Leis

Hornblaster Models

Toyo Models

Spec-D Models

Technix Models

JDM Sport Models

Cusco Model

Eneos Models
Diamond Huynh

Green Filter Model - Chasity Soules 

Coolcovers model - Laura Howard

American Force Model - Erika Theresa

Pirelli Models

Vossen Model - Yelinice 

Vorsteiner Model - Philicia LaBounty

F1R Model - Alexis Cortez