Gorgeous Ultimate Linings Girls, Our Cover Model Olivia Korte, at SEMA 2016 #SEMA @_oko_

Bravo!  Our gorgeous cover model Olivia Korte leading the team to a successful SEMA show 2016 at Ultimate Linings!

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At the highly competitive SEMA promotional crowd every year, one way to be the top is to have a top model working in your  booth.  With her stunning presence, magnetic personality, as well as her strong influencer followings, plus whispers in the street, all lead up to a gold mine of lead generation with or without the bottom line calculation.

Our cover model Olivia Korte has always been a totally amazing model!  She has been to many and varying events and shows.  We are so honored to have her on our cover, as well as in much of our coverage.  If you meet her in person, you would be swooned by her bright smile and super charming personality!!

Olivia Korte

Team Work!!