February 28, 2015

Conclusion of SEMA 2014 Promotionals Coverage, What a Fantastic Year!

The End of 2014 SEMA Model Coverage and in Looking Forward to This Year's Big Event

Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff
In recent years, SEMA has done a tremendously great job in getting the industries coming together and providing invaluable opportunities for information providers and information consumers about anything related to automobiles.

Along every year's record breaking attendance and exhibit showing, also comes along the great exposure for the companies that have special promotional personalities at their marketing showing.  We firmly believe that these amazing talents could be a great asset to the marketing arsenals for companies to employ.  Not only they leave a strong impression for one's brand, and the marketing eye-ball exposure is virtually limitless.
Of course, just like any tools and parts in the real world mechanical sense, you need to have the right tools with good quality to do the right jobs.  Not only perfect promotional models can bring in untapped market to your target customer mix, they also create a conduit for people to strike up an interesting and as well as lead-in conversation to the company's display and personnel.  Otherwise, people may just pass by without more than 3 seconds semi-attention that is quickly a blur in the ocean size exhibiting vendors.

We look forward to this year's SEMA show and want to do more in-depth coverage of the more companies and talents.  With the current trajectory of the growing size of SEMA, it will be another super successful and amazing year, we can predict!

In this conclusion article, we have many vendor promotional persons here, including Miss Painless Performance, Veronica Jense, and Cusco's Japanese model, HTNA always briendly model, very interesting tro from Mechman Filternator, including Katelyn Waters, Verde girl, Aeolus Tires models, and many more...

February 27, 2015

Stunning Constance Nunes and Jeri Lee for Savini Wheels at SEMA 2014!

Cover Model Constance Nunes and Awesome Talent Jeri Lee Generated Huge Crowds and TV Lights at Savini Wheels in SEMA 2014

 Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff
As the tag line of Savini Wheels, "the recognized Gold Standard in luxury wheels", it totally reflects on their model representation at the SEMA shows.  In 2014 SEMA, they had the super amazing fashion model Constance Nunes as their front model.  In her classy and stunning little black dress, the elegance and sexiness is unavoidable to anyone who had a sight on the booth.  Many people stopped by to have a chance to see this gorgeous talent in person and have a selfie by any chance.

Not only Constance had a great crowd gathered around the booth, she also easily got the attention of some TV crews present at the show.  In no time, the video light was set up, the interviewer was at the spot and camera was in the position.  When the camera rolled, Constance is such a cheerful and animated personality that we can tell that it was a immensely fun interview at work!  She knows cars, like really really knows cars.  So that's a great entry point to the video segment.  She also posed and woes the camera like a Sports Illustrated model in video.  In fact, she IS a Sports Illustrated model!!  We are sure that the video will be a mega hit on the internet!

We also met up Jeri Lee at Savini Wheels as well!  The iconic and awesome import model legend was in a beautiful little white dress.  It's always great to see Jeri Lee, as she has so much life experience and long career and business resumes.  Jeri has been busy traveling around the world, meeting different people, and forging business deals.  No matter where she goes, she always gathers great crowds and much loves!  We are happy that she is back in the states these days.  We totally hope to see her more this year in various events!

Once again, Savini did it again!  They had the industry's top talents and the results are simply super rewarding!  We saw the constant flow of traffic, checking out the cool cars, and colorful wheels on display.  Most importantly, people went home with great pictures of the lasting brand impression to bring home with!

February 26, 2015

The Long Coverage Saga Continues at SEMA 2014!!

Jessica Pasqualetto, Alexia McKimmey,
Kristina Petrova, Shayna Marie,
Natasha Kukovinets, Jacky G,  at
HornBlasters.com booth in SEMA 2014

SEMA Never Ceases to Amaze Us!

 Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff
We have covered a lot of SEMA models, in many different ways, including our cover and feature models, models in individual vendor booths, models wearing specific colors, models that we know for a long time but haven't seen them for a long time, and the variations just kept going and going and going...

However, it still gives us great pleasure when we continue to cover these amazing models in the top event of the industry.  SEMA is epic and so are the promotional talents at the show!  That's for sure!  In this article, we catch up with the models that we've never met before or met once before and we are very happy to see them again!  Besides there great talents and stunning appearances, there are also different styles of wardrobes that they have adopted.  In the HornBlasters booth, the train engineer look definitely stood out in the crowd, and not to mention that it was a crowed even just the models, and of course the attendees there too!
 Then at the Gibson booth, the slick yellow on black car combination was a perfect match to the blonde and brunette duo team there.  Coincidence?  We don't think so.  This Kodak color theme is a wonderful, sophisticated and totally photogenic genius presentation of the booth.  We highly appreciate the design princicples went into the booth and display here!  Great job the booth designers!!

 Then we kept going and met many more models and talents showed up along the path.  Sometimes we felt that we are like pacman, following the dots and keeping finding the goodies.  As in here, this is refreshing to know that the Turner Girls were at the SEMA show.  The unmistakably eye-catching color theme stopped us on the track and we had to perform our duty to capture these beautiful models in their ultra bright uniforms and their car.  Turner Girls are building their empire with gorgeous and very American look models.  They are totally the attention grabber in a very good way, and always help promoting the #turnergirls brand.  We definitely see a successful team brand that could rival some of other well known names in the industry!  We totally look forward to seeing them again in future motorsports and car show events!

February 25, 2015

SEMA Models in Blue, Stunningly and Happily

Having a Little Happy Blues to SEMA 2014

 Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff 
Continue the SEMA Model coverage, in SEMA 2014, we have more models and right next to the pure black, blue seems to be a popular color.  The blues could be bright and cheery, or dark like majestic and royal.  Either way, they all are great color palettes in our coverage!

And again, most of the models are in the South Hall Wheels and Tires section but definitely they were not limited there.  We have Konig Wheels, Nismo, Vertini, Ercolina and Turn 14 Distribution here in coverage.

Many of the talents are unfamiliar faces, or semi-familiar, or very familiar, which made the coverage much more exciting.  It's like going to a professional meeting with friends, and opportunities to rekindle connections and get to know new people.  Definitely they all made a great impression on us!

As we are coming to the close of the SEMA Model coverage, we still have a few more to show.  Definitely stay tuned and also watch out for this year's SEMA big show in 2015 too!  It's always our biggest, baddest, and grandest coverage of all shows in our magazine!!

February 22, 2015

Models, Photographers, Writers, Car Owners, We Want You in Awesome World Wide (BETA)!! #Wanted

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai - We are very excited to announce our brand new open platform for models, photographers, writers, and car owners!


We have just upgraded the previously known as Xposure section to a brand new "AWW, Awesome World Wide" section  in BETA version, for all models, photographers (models or events), Writers, and Car Owners to send in your best work to be considered to be published in print, on the web or on social media!!

Here is the web address for the AWW (BETA) section:



Send us your best photos!  We love to feature awesome models around the world in highest quality and aesthetics!!  You can be with a car, or without!  Does not matter!  We accept many styles of photos, including swimsuit, glamour, fashion editorial, implied, and artistic too!

If selected, you will be associated with industry's top name magazine, and opens up many opportunities, and definitely great exposure, and potential tearsheets!

More info:

Car Owners

Come and show off your prided car!  We want to give great visibility to amazing cars, and their stories under the hood, figuratively speaking.  This could provide a chance for tearsheets of your car that could increase your resell value, as wel as increase your car club exposure.

More info:

Photographers (Model)

Show off your mastery photography works in all genres of styles, swimsuit, glamour, fashion editorial, implied, artistic.  We are looking for great artistry in model photos, as we like to call it, Editorial Glam.

More info:

Photographers (Event Coverage)

There are so many car shows around the country, and across the world.  We would love to feature great coverage from all over the places, but primarily outside the LA / OC areas, as we have the local coverage staff already.

The events do not limit to car shows only, they could be swimsuit pageants, vaping conventions and meets, fitness competitions, promotional events, and others.  We love to celebrate the great photography talents and awesome promotional personalities out there, in all languages!

More info:


You can write?  Or you have something to say?  Great!!  Here is a great chance to build your writing credits or test water your writing skills.  We have many projects that would welcome great writing talents.  And we love a voice from you that shows your passion about cars, models, or events and related topics!

More info:


As this is BETA version of the open platform, rules may change without notice at any time.  We reserve the rights to refuse anything.  The submitter bears the full responsibility of rights and permissions for publication in our magazine.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email it to submit@wheelsandheelsmag.com.

"For all submissions, email to submit@wheelsandheelsmag.com "

"Share With Your Friends Who May be Interested."

February 20, 2015

Izzy Poulin, Lindsey Harrod, Lena Hakim at SEMA 2014 @LindseyHarrod @Lena_Romel

Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff - We are continuing the theme of SEMA models in of SEMA show 2014.  In this article we  have our great feature model, Izzy Poulin, and many well known professionals.

One of the interesting display is Timberland's tires.  Usually we don't think about Timberland with the car industry, but it totally makes sense when they show it to us.  The tough build of their shoes is a natural family member of the grander outdoor and active lifestyle Timberland offerings.

At the ENEOS and KIA booths, we met up with a new model that we haven't met before, and models that we have many times covered in the past and they all look amazing!

One note to bring up is that in the KIA booth, there were many show cars displayed.  KIA being an underdog in the car industry is actually a master hamster in the creative and hip and fun department.  Their cars feature various paint art, accessories and lights and flashes.  Even though we don't have the photos here to demonstrate the point, it's not hard to imagine the creative work that they have done with glimpses of background cars that these amazing models leaned on... Definitely check them out!

February 19, 2015

Melanie Tillbrook and Other Wonderful SEMA Models 2014

Melanie Tillbrook Rocked SEMA 2014 With Show's First Impression

 Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff - Melanie Tillbrook, the former Falken Tire model, now is a full time entrepreneur and model.  Born in the beautiful Hanolulu, Melanie has both Filipino and British bloods in her veins, that make her look both refreshing as well as elegant.

Melanie, from her childhood, is a born traveler, we suppose.  She grew up in Tampa FL, but definitely when she entered her college years, she got many great experiences to see different parts of the country as well as many corners of the world.  We could image being a Falken model for several years, the mileage accumulated on her frequent flyer card is immense, that would also add to her wide world view on her life and her thinking.

Every time we talk to her, she always has news about her professional career and her business endeavors.  She told us that she is running a company called Posh Production and Events. We are thoroughly impressed by her taking the modeling to the next level and entering the business management aspect of the profession.  We can totally see the passion in her eyes when she talked about it.  The company is based in Miami Beach, FL.  So if any of you in the area and would like a professional and experienced team to help you on events hosting, or finding a great brand ambassador, definitely check it out on their web site and contact Melanie at the Posh Production and Events (ext link).

At SEMA 2014, Melanie is helping the wheels company Rennen International for their cool wheels.  Rennen booth is right at the very starting spot of the SEMA show.  It's the very first impression of the show.  It's the entry gateway to have that total SEMA experience.  Melanie Tillbrook looked amazing either in red or in blue, or with Miss Neveda 2014, or with anything!  She totally brightened up the Rennen booth, and set a wonderful and uplifting atmosphere for the whole show!

February 18, 2015

Another Huge Article of Amazing SEMA Models 2014!!

Jenni Tran and Tiffany Vu at F1R in
bright red dress at SEMA 2014
Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff
The cream of the crop, the honored few, the top of the game, SEMA models are what the industry has to offer in the glamorous promotional world inside the Las Vegas Convention Center during the SEMA show.  Even though we  have put a lot of coverage in the past, it's still no end in sight at this writing.  They just keep coming!

In this coverage, we have the bright red dressed Ashley Vu and Jenni Tran, at the F1R Wheels booth.  Ashley Vu (the darker hair) has a really playful model-personality.  Not only she has a bright and glamour smile, she's totally at ease in front of our camera.  Super awesome!

Along the duo-modeling line, we also have Chanel Urban and Ashley Ferrer, the two ultra sexy models for the Delinte Tires in our coverage.  The awesome duo totally gave the cool tire lines a amazing appearance.

Also in the article, we have many more models, including Whitney Greene and Brittany Mason for Velocity Live, SEMA 14, Lynn Chu, and others.  There were so many models in the SEMA show that we hardly had any spare time to stop and really interview these top talents.  Well, next time we may add even more forces to the coverage so that we can have more in-depth reports.
Chanel Urban and Ashley Ferrer for
Delinte at SEMA 2014

And companies who awesomely hired these models include F1R Wheels, Delinte Tires, Sata, Velocity Live,  Nismo, American Force Wheels, Tornel Tires, Traklite Wheels, RSV Forged.  It always seems the the wheels companies know the best values of having promotional models at shows.  The concept of lifestyle, fun, and little flirtation could generate lots of attention and coverage.

A big note in a small font here.  Today here in the US is the Chinese New Year's eve.  We figured that we will bring some red color to the article to celebrate and tomorrow there will be even more red color to celebrate the new year of the ram.

We sincerely wish everyone a wonderful new year.  This year, we have been doubly busy with various projects coming down the pike.  We also plan to have much wider display of various talents while upholding our high aesthetic standard.  Definitely stay tuned for the wonderful things to come and exciting news to be announced.

Wish All a Happy Chinese New Year!!

February 16, 2015

Our Cover Feature Model Constance Nunes W&HM Page

We are very happy to start a feature by feature page for each models that graced our print edition.  We lead this effort off with the amazing Constance Nunes, our cover model of Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 25.

There are feature introduction, fun Q&A with Constance, awesome desktop wallpapers, as well as a set of beautfuil and edgy editorial photos created by the industry's top photographer, Py Pai.

Here is the link to Constance's feature page.  Definitely check it out here:


February 15, 2015

Shining Stars of SEMA Models - @LeaAnne @tylerpaigem and More

Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff -  There were so many our cover models and feature models at the 2014 SEMA Show that it feels like that we just cannot get enough of photos of them at the show!

Here we  have our cover model, Lea Anne, at the Rohana Wheels booth, as well as our feature model Ty Michelle at the Chariotz company.  And there were many talents from all over the country, from B3ar Dillinger, to Amanda Vex, as well as Tyler Paige and Lisa Simpson. These glimpses of these great talents would project a scope of wonderful promotional modeling kaleidoscope at the grand SEMA show.

One of the things that we noticed is how prevalent the color of the uniforms/dresses is... It's the basic black no matter where you go.  Most of them are in the strict black.  It creates a professional look instantly. It contrasts well with any products right next to the outfits.  It does not take away the attention from the display but enough to feature the promotional personalities.  Also, it has a magical use as a black backdrop for a brochure or promo cards.

Here our feature model Ty Michelle demonstrated this effect really well.  The simple matte finish material would be a great instant photo studio to highlight any piece of info card in front of her.  This makes a perfect picture and marketing material in just one click of the shot.

In this article, there is a slight deviation of the uniform.  Tyler Paige and Lisa Simpson from Rovos Wheels.  They had the race driver checker flag theme black uniforms.  We always welcome the thematic style of wardrobe for the models and this is definitely very nicely done!

Another thing that is worth mentioning in this article is one of the advertisement tools that Chariotz used.  They produced a brochure card with a QR code on the back. This might be one of the easiest ways to directly bring customers to your designated web site.  Even though QR code is not in high fashion yet, it's one more convenient way to remind people about your presence.  As the urban legend has it, it takes seven impressions to make a lasting one.  Adding a QR code is definitely one of the way to say that you know the contemporary tech, even though it's not quite there yet!

February 13, 2015

Great Promotional Tips and Cool Models at the 2014 SEMA Show

 Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff - At the SEMA 2014, we roamed the gigantic show floors, checking out the newest product offerings, company news as well as some promotional activities to see what's going on.  Many times, there were very eye catching promotional models and personalities at the booth, that automatically garnered our attention and obligation to capture the moments to bring back to our readers.

Through out our extended experience on this, we came to some of the conclusions that may offer some hints to the marketing / show planners to maximize your promotional values, especially since you have spent the dollars hiring the talents and allocate attention space to the showing...

Design with Promotion In Mind

Since you will have a model at the booth, utilize the visual space as effective as possible, not just plug the model somewhere in the booth.  You can have a stand with logo and specials in the front, so that they are readily absorbed by the passer by or media folks.  Each time a picture taken, it is a flyer onto the taker's camera and most likely not to be deleted forever.

February 12, 2015

Ashlee Davis SEMA Model Looking Amazing at TMC Motorsport

 Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff - It's always great to see Ashlee Davis!! And it's even better to take beautiful pictures of her!  This Las Vegas based awesome model has many things on her plate, but she always brings her A-game to the event that she is attending.

After a quick chat with Ashlee, we learned that she is busy managing various business tracks while balancing personal life.  And she is doing great about all these work!

A the TMC Motorsport booth, the hosting company TMC Motorsport (link)  the company displayed an array of various products that they carry for their primarily European car lines.  According to their web description, they offer many parts and services, including,

  1. Largest range, 
  2. Both petrol/gasoline & diesel, 
  3. Multi-Channel Technology, 
  4. DPF Protection, 
  5. Engine Warranty, 
  6. Overboost Protection, 
  7. Self adjustment for power, 
  8. 24/7 Technical Support.
(source: http://www.tmcmotorsport.com/About.aspx)

This is a perfect combination of beauty and motorsport.  And we are sure that we will see them both in the future soon!

February 11, 2015

Serenity Shay Rodriguez The Fairest Model at SEMA 2014 at CEC Wheels

 Las Vegas, NV / by W&HM Staff - One of the most surprising and stunning and actually fun promotional activities in SEMA 2014 is the CEC Wheels's flower pedal girl swing booth.  This is breaking the tradition of hiring promotional work especially in the wheels industry at shows.  And we highly applaud the innovative thinking and we are sure that the publicity generated must be immense.  This is a good win for CEC Wheels company for sure!

Inside the booth, you would find a super adorable and sweet and beautiful model, Serenity Shay Rodriguez.  Serenity is a perfect for this set up, as she has those flowery speaking eyes that can go through the glass walls and talk to you directly.  Her carefree promo-personality is a great centerpiece for the show, generating a huge attraction for the company.  Serenity is perfect in this very special set up and the results show!

CEC Wheels, a Claus Ettensberger Corporation, its headquarter is located in the posh West Hollywood area near Beverly Hills.  Their luxury styles overflowed at the SEMA show and were demonstrated on their cars and wheel displays.  Their company description on their web site says,
"CEC strives for differentiation and self expression in an automotive world inundated with cookie cutter options... "
This totally shows their approach to many things in their unique and cool ways just like the promo here.  Each shiny and eye-catching design has its own uniqueness, yet is coherent to their overall style principles. When fitted to a luxury car, they not only make a statement that "I am different", they enhance the owners' driving experience as well.

Great job everybody!  Now here let's take a look at how Serenity did  her job so wonderfully that left everyone who walked by the booth a deep impression!

February 9, 2015

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 25 with Cover Model Constance Nunes

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 25 - Constance Nunes
Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 25 -
Industry top quality magazine with
stunning photo coverage and features.
 In this issue, we have Constance Nunes
SI model as our cover model, and we
also feature models of Dani Pappas,
L'Amour Niggl, and Dennii. Event
coverage include CES 2015, SEMA
2014 Cars,…

Los Angeles, CA, by Py Pai - We are very excited about this print issue. This marks an important new direction of the magazine, going more editorial, strong, and edgy!

Our newest cover model, Constance Nunes, a well known SI model, is the perfect lead for our new editorial direction!  She is a fashion, lifestyle, swimsuit, fitness, and promotional model, who also has a special interest in cars and gears.  Constance is definitely our ideal wheels and heels model!!

In this issue, we also introduce wonderful talents including Dani Pappas, L'Amour Niggl, and Dennii, together with show coverage of CES 2015, SEMA 2014, Supercross Anaheim 2015, and HIN Hawaii!

Don't miss this milestone issue.  You can order at the above red MagCloud button!!

February 8, 2015

Beautiful Cover Models Sandra Wong and Arley Elizabeth at MFest Savini Car Meet @thesandrawong @arrrrlz

Anaheim, CA / by Py Pai - MFest, the luxury BMW car community, and Savini Wheels, "The Gold Standard of The Wheel Industry" came together and hosted a hugely successful car meet at Savini's HQ location.  They attracted many luxury, high end, super slick, and ultra refined rides to the meet.  With the festival atmosphere and huge showup, this is one really good season opening car meet event!

Even though the event was not highly advertised, the rumbles in the community and social network grapevines were already buzzing way before the meet date.  According to the witnesses, the morning attendance was so high that many people had to park several blocks away just to get into the huge parking lot event location.  After you entered the parking lot, you would see a sea of people and cars and tons of fun at the meet.  It could be described as an epic event for sure!

We showed up at the later time of the meet, but right with our natrual perfect timing instinct!  We ran into Sandra Wong and Arley Elizabeth, both our hugely popular cover models under the MFest tent.  It's the first time in 2015 that we saw them, and they both look incredible!!  This is totally awesome!!

At the end of the event, everybody left with a very satisfying feeling about the opportunity to see cool cars, enjoy the nice amenities, and checkout the newest and colorful wheels displayed at the spot, and meet Sandra and Arley!  It's a great event and we look forward to the MFest in the future, maybe even the huge Las Vegas event?! :-)

Supercross Girls, Abundant and Amazing and Totally Gorgeous! Double and Group Edition

 Anaheim, CA / by W&HM Staff
We are continuing the coverage of the Suprcross Girls, but now from the singles edition to the doubles and groups edition.

The sunny southern California sun simply brought out these gorgeous promotional models' smiles at the Supercross Anaheim 1 2015 season opener.  From the DC Shoes girls to the TBOsports duos, and many more.  The happy and the cheerful atmosphere could easily get you drunk in their fun and festive moods.

Here we conclude the Anaheim 1 coverage and stay tuned for the Anaheim 3 coverage!!

February 6, 2015

Supercross Girls, Abundant and Amazing and Totally Gorgeous! Single Edition

 Anaheim, CA / by W&HM Staff
At the Supercross Anaheim Pit Party expo, it's not all about the models of Monster Energy or Rockstar Energy. There were many more awesome and amazing models from various vendors.  We grouped them into singles and doubles or groups in two articles.

We met up Emily Sears at FMF, as well as Autumn Allenbach at DC Shoes, and many more that we could not name... Hopefully we will see them more in the future to get a chance to stop by and know them better.

FMF's Emily Sears

We did not readily recognize this super talent at the FMF booth.  However, we immediately knew that she is a big name because there were so many cameras and flashes around her constantly.  But besides the obvious of the ambiance presence of fans and curious, we instantly knew that she is an amazing model just the way she gave us a great photo ops and the photos produced from those instances!

If you dig in a bit deeper, on the web we mean, you would find that Emily is a great talent from Australia and has been published in many key publications, including GQ USA, FHM, Maxim, Zoo Weekly, and other places.  We can totally understand the popularity that she generated in the pro modeling world!   We highly command this awesome aussie amazing talent!

February 5, 2015

So Many Gorgeous #MonsterEnergyModels at Supercross!! Rebecca Garcia @RebeccaGarcia_ Erica Nagashima @EricaNagashima Bradi S and More

 Anaheim, CA / by W&HM Staff 
Monster Energy Models are synonymous to top models, active models, flawless models, and fun models!  These internationally renown super talents are the highlight of the Supercross Anaheim events.  Not only Monster Energy is the official sponsor of the Supercross, and they have the biggest space and stage in the pit party expo, and they have the highest model showing at the show, the Monster Energy Models are such cream of the crop that each one of them can stand on their own as the super model in the promo world.  Just imagine combining all these super powers under one roof, how much excitements they would generate and many very memorable moments and pictures would be taken home by the show goers.

There were so many Monster Energy Models, including Rebecca Garcia, Erica Nagashima, Myra Tinajero, Mercedes Terrell, Bradi S, Natalie Paladin, Dessie Mitchson, and lots of more, that we could not enumerate all of them.  Therefore, we bring back to you the top of the tops here!!  

Definitely check out the photos and credits to these amazing talents!!

February 3, 2015

Tons and Tons of Photos of Stunning @RockstarEnergy Girls @_oko_ @TheLBartlett @JessHarbour

Our Coverage Model Olivia Korte for
Rockstar Energy at Supercross Anaheim 3
  Anaheim, CA / by W&HM Staff
The amazing Rockstar Energy Models at the Supercross Anaheim events, are simply the top cream of the crop!!  Starting with our cover model, Olivia Korte, and then with amazing Leanna Bartlett, as well as Jessica Harbour, Skye McDonald, Amanda Delgado, Courtney Riggs, Rachel Brann, Marissa Kimberlin, Miss Parker, and more!!  Just the names of these lineups are super impressive already. Then you look through the photos and picture yourself at the event getting these awesome models' autographed posters.  That would be a very very good day!

Definitely check out the gorgeous collection of gorgeous photos of these gorgeous Rockstar Energy Models!!

February 1, 2015

Huge and Total Riot of Fun at Supercross Anaheim 3, Highlights of SX A3 Pit Party

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Anaheim, CA / by Py Pai 
Monster Energy AMA Supercross Anaheim 3 is another great success and drew in a hug crowd to the final event in the LA /OC region.  There was a mood of fun and party in the pit area.  Everybody was relaxed and much more free-spirited.  Maybe it's because this is the last Supercross event in the this location for 2015.  The next one is going to be at San Diego next week.  Thus it kind of has that after-big-show partying atmosphere at the Angel Stadium.

Never let people down, Monster Energy Drink girls were totally gorgeous, fun and very camera-friendly at the SX A3 event!  Whenever you point your camera at them, they will not only pose for you, the models in the jacuzzi would even squirt their water gun at you.  That's a much beloved remedy in the bewilderingly hot Anaheim weather at this time of the year.
If there were Monster Energy girls, there usually would be Rockstar Energy Drink models at the event as well.  Rockstar models had a different approach. They had runway style fashion uniforms, and awesome poster autographing with the models, and a photo booth with the beauties.  That quickly became a major attraction spot even right after the Pit Party area was just opened.  Great job ladies!
Of course, there were many and many vendors at the SX A3 event.  These models are just impressive as others at the hosting area and prominent spots.  We paid special tribute to the professional models at DC Shoes, AMS Oil, and many other awesome vendors!  Definitely check out the full highlight coverage of the SX A3 awesome models!
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