Wow The Poison Spyder Girls with Amanda Hopper, Miss Off Road Expo 2015 @OffRoadExpo @Spydercompound

Big Presence of The Poison Spyder Girls at 2015 Off Road Expo Show

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff -
The Poison Spyder team were out with a big number, actually the biggest number of models in the Off Road Expo show 2015.  The four beautiful and friendly models were very happy to provide us a perfect photo opportunity to the crowds that they constantly garnered.

Among the models, Amanda Hopper (the right blonde) also won the big title of Miss Off Road Expo 2015 and we will have more coverage of the beauty contest and Amanda in the future!

Big Highlight of Competitive Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Contest @offroadexpo

The Big Highlight Of Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Comptition

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
At the  Off Road Expo 2015, one of the key highlights of the event was the Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Bikini Contest.  Well, we have seen many bikini contests in the past in various car shows and model expos.  However, this one has a different vibe and we love it!

First off, we were very happy to see our feature model Christy Rios was one of the three judges for the contest.  She's so beautiful and well qualified for the job as she is also Miss HIN 2015 Las Vegas among other titles.  The two other panel members were very cool too!  It's a great beginning that we can tell immediately.

Vibrant Nikki Howard for Toyo Tires at Off Road Expo 2015 @nikkialexis

Super Photo-Genius Model Nikki Howard for Toyo Tires at Off Road Expo 2015

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff -

The very vibrant and bright top model Nikki Howard always awards photographers with beautiful pictures.  This top Toyo Tires model not only can create super photogenic photos for any cameras in sight, she is also super friendly and warm to the show attendees.  That means that she is a perfect promotional model for the companies who hire her.

If you look through her portfolio profiles like instagram, they will take your breath away for appreciating this truly talented model showing her prowling modeling skills.    Here at the Toyo Tires in the Off Road Expo 2015, Nikki Howard was the one hosting the booth and she did a wonderful job!  We totally look forward to seeing her again soon!!

Beautiful Cambria Joy Mansfield and Alicia Whitten at Off Road Expo 2015 @cambria_joy

The Stunningly Beautiful Blond Model Cambria Joy Mansfield and Top Brunette Model Alicia Whitten at KMC Wheels in Off Road Expo 2015

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff

At the Off Road Expo 2015 show in Pomona, CA, there were a large number of vendors vying for space, and for attendee attention.  One of the most effective way to get exposure is to hire high caliber models for the booth presence.  And the KMC Wheels company just did that.  The extreme off road perfect wheels that they produced had a great presence at the Off Road Expo this year.  They had a big display of their truck as well as many free giveaways to impress the on-going busy traffic.  Also they had the critical elements of their marketing communication were the top models that they hired, who we will find out more here...

HIN LA 2015 Jojo Dela Cruz and Victoria Barajas and Big Abe! @hotimportnights

Hot Import Nights Los Angeles 2015 Model Lounge Beauties and Big Abe!

San Pedro, CA / W&HM
In the model lounge of Hot Import Nights Los Angeles, 2015, there were many beautiful models from all over the country.  The constant flow of import models made the model lounge scene a screen saver of some sort.  We did a "scene capture" of the two cool models from the show, plus a couple of quick snaps of the famous Big Abe!

Jojo Dela Cruz has impressed us in the Extreme Autofest San Diego earlier this year.  Her costume has made an indelible impression on us. Now we had a chance to see Jojo in a less dramatic but equally impressive way here at the HIN LA.
We've known Victoria Brajas since many shows before.  She is always so gentle and charming that we are mesmerized each time we meet her. She has been busy traveling around, and we sure hope to see her more in the southern California in more shows!

Then we have the Big Abe as the staple of many car shows.  If you don't know Big Abe, you don't know southern California car show modeling scene.  He is responsible for countless model lounge security and also his famous Kuya Model Expo shows.  Definitely say hi next time you see him at the model lounge or nearby!

HIN LA 2015 Monika Cozlin, Dannie Riel, Eva Skye

Gorgeous Model Monika Cozlin, Mega Superstar Dannie Riel, and Beautiful Talent Eva Sky at The Hot Import Nights Los Angeles 2015

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San Pedro, CA / W&HM Staff

At the Hot Import Nights (HIN) Los Angeles Show 2015, There were three major areas of model appearances.  One is the main model lounge, and our feature model Monika Cozlin is squarely in the front and center of it.  Then there was the vendor area, where Dannie Riel has created an incredibly long line of her fans to meet her in person.  and then there was the go-go dancing crew on the stage, where Eva Skye was showing off her awesome dance moves. They all represent the youthful happiness, and seasoned model skills in their line of expertise!
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