HIN LA 2015 Monika Cozlin, Dannie Riel, Eva Skye

Gorgeous Model Monika Cozlin, Mega Superstar Dannie Riel, and Beautiful Talent Eva Sky at The Hot Import Nights Los Angeles 2015

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San Pedro, CA / W&HM Staff

At the Hot Import Nights (HIN) Los Angeles Show 2015, There were three major areas of model appearances.  One is the main model lounge, and our feature model Monika Cozlin is squarely in the front and center of it.  Then there was the vendor area, where Dannie Riel has created an incredibly long line of her fans to meet her in person.  and then there was the go-go dancing crew on the stage, where Eva Skye was showing off her awesome dance moves. They all represent the youthful happiness, and seasoned model skills in their line of expertise!

Dannie Riel

Monika Cozlin

Eva Skye

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