Beautiful Cambria Joy Mansfield and Alicia Whitten at Off Road Expo 2015 @cambria_joy

The Stunningly Beautiful Blond Model Cambria Joy Mansfield and Top Brunette Model Alicia Whitten at KMC Wheels in Off Road Expo 2015

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff

At the Off Road Expo 2015 show in Pomona, CA, there were a large number of vendors vying for space, and for attendee attention.  One of the most effective way to get exposure is to hire high caliber models for the booth presence.  And the KMC Wheels company just did that.  The extreme off road perfect wheels that they produced had a great presence at the Off Road Expo this year.  They had a big display of their truck as well as many free giveaways to impress the on-going busy traffic.  Also they had the critical elements of their marketing communication were the top models that they hired, who we will find out more here...

Cambria Joy Mansfield

This gorgeous blond model, has risen to the car show world like a skyrocket to the moon and came back and more.  Cambria's super model stardom has dominated the car shows and social media with her stunning presence, and highly talented modeling skills.  We have been impressed the first time that we covered her at the HIN SD event. If you ever check out her instagram account, @cambria_joy, you would know that she is not an ordinary car show model that you meet in every car show.  Her high performance portfolio would fit into many of the big name publications, such as Sports Illustrated, or Victoria's Secret's catalog, or Esquire, or Maxim, or GQ, or maybe Playboy someday... We totally have our highest respect to this stunning model, and always look forward to seeing her at various events!

Alicia Whitten

The top model who is legendary for her great presence at the car show world, has given us a great chance to capture her sheer greatness at the Off Road Expo this  year.  Alicia has been an incredible model from the very first show that we officially came into contact with in the car show world.  That would say a lot of the resume of this amazing model.  Alicia is always fun, creative, and interactive with her fans.  The big followings that she amassed through out the time that she has worked would always bring a great marketing exposure to the companies that hire her.  The awesome legend of Alicia will always has a great place in our magazine's history, as the magazine grew up with her through out the time!  Definitely find her in the next show that she is in and say hi!

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